10 Things You Do If You Are A Night Owl
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10 Things You Do If You Are A Night Owl

You like to do most of your activities after the sun goes down.

10 Things You Do If You Are A Night Owl

It’s been said that early birds get the worm, but night owls also reap a whole lot of benefits just by being who they are. And it’s time they got some praise.

Please don’t get us wrong: We are definitely sleep-advocates. And it is very important for you to make sure that you get the right amount of sleep (7-9 hours for an average adult) every single day in order to stay healthy. This is not permission to stay up late and skip out on sleep. But if your lifestyle can allow for a later wake time, you might feel inclined to stay up a bit later, too.

While there has been a lot of praise for being a morning person, there hasn’t been much to tout the perks of being someone who works best at night. Behold — an ode to those who love to burn the midnight oil.

1. You Come Alive When Everyone Else Is Going To Sleep.

It will be around 11 pm when everyone is going to bed, but you are wide awake and you are just getting started. This is when you are the most productive and you feel like you can conquer anything and everything, but your roommate is asleep so you have to be courteous and not jam out to music or lower your volume if you're on Netflix.

2. Then You Are Half Dead When Everyone Is Waking Up.

Everyone who is not a night owl will be waking up easily at the early hours of the morning, but then there's you. Still being forced to get up early due to school or work when all you want to do is sleep since you were up all night working. Night owls are for sure not a morning person.

3. You Don't Realize When You're Up Until 3 am, It Just Kind Of Happens.

Half the time you don't even realize how late it is because you are so focused on doing your work. Before you know it is 3 am, but that's okay since you didn't even realize. You work on homework or watch Netflix or just talk to friends.

4. When You Wake Up The Next Day And Realize That It's Already 3 pm.

On the days you can sleep in, trust me the night owl is actually sleeping in. No alarms are ever set on these days unless there is something to be up for. If you have nothing going on you should expect to be up by 3 pm the latest or whenever you're hungry. I know, I just slept half the day and wasted my day but I love sleeping.

5. You Are Always Tired.

Since you are always up late and getting up early, you are always tired. A lot of people will ask "When do you sleep, do you take naps?" The answer is most likely a "No" especially if you have a ton of stuff going on during the day and then have to finish up late into the morning. So the answer is no we don't sleep. If anything, we get three to six hours. That's why we are always so exhausted.

6. You Have To Be Quiet At Night Since Everyone's Already In Bed.

You might be working on something that makes you want to scream, but you must suppress it. Everyone's already asleep so any loud noise could totally wake them up such as music or Netflix or you talking. Sometimes I would be doing homework until it is pretty late in the morning.

7. You Watch Netflix.

Sometimes, you just get bored and you watch Netflix. You watch one episode but then it rolls around to be 3 am and you are on the 10th episode. It just happens.

8. You Procrastinate On Homework.

I mean, you start your homework at 10 pm but then it is 2 am and you haven't really finished that homework you started because you just don't want to do it. Also, you really take into consideration of the deadline of 11:59 seriously and I usually get it done by then. For me, I get distracted easily as well and I love watching Netflix/ TV too.

9. You Love Going To Parties.

Since you are up until 3 am, you can always go to a party and still be awake when you come back (sometimes).

10. You love Sleeping In.

You have an unhealthy relationship with your bed. Well for me, I like to sleep between 10-12 hours. I love sleeping because I stay up so late. It's kind of a problem for me. Plus my sleeping schedule is weird.

If you're a night owl, or you know of someone who is, just understand they are normal too. They just like to do most of their activities after the sun goes down.

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