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10 Things Every Millennial Woman Should Master BEFORE Leaving College

It's the 21st-century ladies. Let's figure out some cool shit and learn to do it on our own.

10 Things Every Millennial Woman Should Master BEFORE Leaving College

Wow you've made it through college, these were the best of years and the worst of years. As you make your great departure into the real wolrd its time tog et real about thing that you should have master over the last four years. If you haven't dont fret its not to late. From some serious subjects to some funny things please read below to find 10 things girls should master before leaving college.

1. How to write a check?

Who doesn't love money but also more importantly what doesn't involve money in life? A basic life function is the ability to properly format a check. Some basics that must be filled out are: the date, who you're paying, write out the amount in numbers, write out the amount in words, a memo or a description of what the check is for, and finally, you must sign it.

2. How to check the oil in your car

Girls we have to stop relying on our dads at some point. We live in the 21st century and do not need men to help us with everything. The next time your dad checks the oil on your car or you go to a mechanic have some confidence and ask how to do it. It shows your maturity and your willingness to learn. That is a respected attribute.

3. How to change a tire

When it comes to this one I mean it in two ways, physically changing the tire but also calling Triple A yourself. Sure, learn to change the tire or just also learn to not rely on your parents to call Triple-A, put your big girl pants on and do it yourself.

4. How to take a compliment!

Stop being that girl from freshmen year lacking confidence and the ability to stand tall and proud. I saw this one on Cosmo.com when I was completing research for this article. A college grad women should be able to not self-deflect compliments or point out flaws but accept compliments with grace and ease.

5. How to accept that mental health is important

I feel as though the society we live in possesses a stigma around mental health. You are looked at as weak or broken for being depressed or anxious when in reality you should be viewed as brave for saying how you feel. At the end of college, a grueling 4 years full of the best of times and worst you should be able to accept that mental health is just as important as any other disease.

6. How to have Confidence!

At the end of the college, you should be able to have confidence in yourself and your beliefs. Confidence in where you graduated from, the degree you earned, to having confidence in your political views. It is a time to own who you are and to be proud of yourself. Personally, confidence is a hard thing for me to accept but with a positive mindset, anything is possible.

7. How to be independent

So, maybe you had a boyfriend in college or your graduating and you have a boyfriend now. Regardless of where you stand in the relationship department, I think it is important to be able to be independent. People have a hard time being reliable and making sure they do not let people down. The most reliable person to you is you.

8. How to do things that make you happy

Whether its that cup of coffee from Starbucks in the morning or a yoga class after a long day at work it's really important to factor in things that make you happy. Being happy is just an overall good thing for your mind, body, and health. In addition, to the happiness, you can also stop apologizing for what makes you happy!

9. How to politely disagree with someone

We live in the United States of America a place where we have the luxury to possess different political views and frankly views on life. With this we must come to accept in life we will meet people who agree and disagree with us. So, with that said we must have respect for all people despite the opinions they might possess.

10. How connections in life are important

That job isn't going to get itself. Connections, connections, connections. The world has become a place where who you know gets your farther in life. If your uncle is the partner at his law firm he can vouch for you when you go to an interview. Or, if your family friend is the owner of that restaurant you want to a bartender at that can also help. We are an interconnected world, take care of your connections it makes the difference in the littles and biggest things in life.

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