10 Things Every Catcher Understands
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10 Things Every Catcher Understands

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10 Things Every Catcher Understands
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There are a lot of girls in the world that can claim that softball is their favorite game and that it comes with many beauties, but each position on the field has different aspects that make it special for the player. With myself being a catcher, here are 10 things that most catchers can agree are great and not so great about softball.

1. The relationship you build with your pitcher is extra special.

The bond that a catcher has with her pitcher is hands down one of the strongest, most unique relationships one can have with a team member. I remember going to the circle to have a nice little talk, covering our mouths with our glove, and then talking about the stupidest things to make the other laugh.

2. Squatting for as long as we do is actually very comfortable.

We may complain day in and day out that squatting is horrible, that our thighs and knees hurt but in the end of it all, it's actually very comfortable. I dare you to challenge a catcher to a squatting or wall sitting competition.

3. Frequent Umps become best friends

Even though we're there to win, the umpires that we see more frequently than the others usually become friends. I can remember one ump that I repeatedly had all the time tell me if I let a ball hit him at any point during that game, that I owed him a banana split. In the end, he did get that banana split.

4. Getting hit with a pitch happens.

Catchers get hit all the time, whether it's with a softball or another body slamming into us at home plate. It may hurt really bad but we pretend it doesn't and we'll walk it off. Pain, what's pain? Battle scars are fun to bring home to the family because there's another story to tell on a rainy day.

5. Ice baths are a god sent!

During preseason of softball, all those workouts to build back muscle literally kill so bad. Ice baths or just ice wraps feels so good. It's a good hurt. Numb that pain away with lots of ice, ahaha!

6. Days when there's a tiny breeze are our favorite.

I think every softball player can agree that the days when there's a perfect amount of breeze are our favorites. Too much breeze, messes up the game but that perfect amount really feels so good when you're wearing heavy gear. It's even worse when the sun positions itself behind the plate and it's aimed right on you and the ump.

7. Helmet Hair...

Don't even bother making your hair look cute before practice or a game because in the end your hair is going to look disastrous. It's like a combination of dreadlocks and a tumble weed with extra sprinkles of dirt included. Most of the time, catcher just ask for tight braids or a pony tail. If we get tight braids, 7/10 times it will stay in during the game but with a pony tail, at least you can readjust as you need to.

8. Personal space issues.

Space behind the plate is very important when it comes to catching. You don't want to feel like the ump is riding your back end or like you don't have control of one fluid motion. I've personally had incidences with umps not giving me enough room behind the plate; it's irritating but you just got to take charge because it's your game, not theirs.

9. Heavy luggage, seriously, don't complain.

There are so many people guilty of complaining about their bags being heavy or the bat bag being heavy. Seriously though, please try to come carry my catching bag. It honestly looks like the catching bag could have a body inside. If I can carry this than you can carry that! Suck it up girly, softball is about being tough.

10. We are sorry.

There will be times that there is no time to properly think how to tag a person out and we'll end up accidentally punching the runner in the face, body slamming them to the ground, or just bracing for impact like a brick wall. We're sorry about hurting runners but it's because we have a strong desire to win. Being a catcher is all about being a leader and not letting your teammates down because home base is literally the last resort in defense.

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