10 Things All Former Band Kids Know To Be True

10 Things All Former Band Kids Know To Be True

Band isn't just an extracurricular, it's a lifestyle.


If you were a band kid in high school, you can totally relate to these 10 things.

1. You always had practice.

"Want to go out after school Wednesday?" "Sorry, I have practice." "Want to hang out this weekend?" "Sorry, there's either a competition or a football game or both." (Fun fact: I actually own this shirt).

2. "About face," "Parade rest" and "TTR" were part of your daily vocabulary.

3. Your summer was cut short for band camp.

The first day of school was easy, you were used to being on the field at 7 a.m. for the last two weeks.

4. You could still hear the sound of the doc ticking hours after practice.

During band camp, you also dreamt of it.

5. Turf was everywhere.

Were you even cool if you didn't have turf in all your sneakers?

6. Your section was the best section. No contest.

Flute squad for life.

7. You were never in the student section, but football games were still fun.

8. The band bus was either turnt up or dead asleep. There was no in-between.

9. Traveling with the band was the best.

No parents and a week/weekend with your best friends? Yes, please!

10. All your friends were in band.

Who else were you going to be friends with? You have practice.

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