I've spent the entire summer looking forward to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Truth be told, I've spent most of my weekend watching as many events as possible, because I absolutely love love love the Olympics. So much so in fact, that I strategically left the TV on all day so that I could periodically check in on the events. However, when my mom turned it off, I questioned, quite obnoxiously, "Does no one care about the Olympics in this house?" If you're a true Olympics fan like me, then you'll know most of these things to be true.

1. Every event is an important event.

Olympic archery?! Need to fit that into my Olympic schedule.

2. You become a couch potato.

So help you, you will not miss a minute of the Games.

3. However, when someone forces you off the couch, your DVR becomes flooded with Olympic footage.

Sometimes searching through that DVR for the specific event you want to watch can get a little overwhelming ...

4. Or you watch the recaps online.

This can sometimes take awhile to load.

5. Sometimes you get a little fed up with the commentators.

It can get a little heated when they constantly talk over the events, or cut to another event entirely.

6. Whenever the nightly news comes on and shares spoiler alerts you freak out.

Who do they think they are?

7. You plan your social life around the events.

Well swimming starts at 5, soccer is on at 7, followed by gymnastics at 9...what do you say to a 4 o'clock dinner?

8. Your competitive nature makes you form enemies with so many countries, that the UN wouldn't know what to do with you.

I don't even know anything about your economic policies, or any details on your foreign affairs, but I know I hate you.

9. You cheer on the USA athletes like they're your own children.

C'mon Aly Raisman, don't disappoint me.

10. But no matter if it's gold, silver, or bronze, your American pride shines through and through.