With resolutions for the New Year of 2017 in full swing, people are out and about with volunteering in the community, widening their networking circles, and packing the gym with goals of weight loss. Each and every year, many people choose a resolution they will use throughout the year to help improve their lives and well-being. However, it is very rare these resolutions last longer than a month... or even a week or two, really. I am guilty of such New Years Resolution fails, and I'm betting many-- ok most-- of you are as well. While the following resolutions and the reality of them are listed below, maybe you will be one of the few who will stick to their resolution.

1. "Going to the gym regularly."

Or maybe regularly as in regularly skipping the gym for more sleep.

2. "One hour of cardio a day, no excuses."

Horizontal running counts as cardio right?

3. "I WILL eat healthier."

*Inhales an entire large pizza, breadsticks, and large Dr. Pepper.*

4. *Start of the Semester* "I am so getting a 4.0!"

By the end of the semester your motto becomes, "Well, C's get degrees..."

5. "No more social media."

*Checks Instagram 3 hours later*

6."My new Lilly Planner is going to make me so organized."

*4 days later* What was that assignment for next week, again? Or was it this week...?

7. "This is the year I avoid dating and focus on my myself."

*Changes Facebook relationship status 2 months later*

8. "I will spend less money and get serious about budgeting."

Well... maybe just a couple stores...

9. "No more drinking. Or... at least drink less."

One glass of wine should suffice...

10. "I will make an effort to meet new people."

People are just annoying... who needs friends anyway?