10 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga NOW!
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10 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga NOW!

Find inner peace and improve flexibility through yoga!

10 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga NOW!

Yoga is a form of exercise focused on relaxation and flexibility! There are numerous reasons to begin practicing, no matter your level of experience or physical appearance, here are ten:

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1. It can be totally free, or extremely cheap.

Yoga studios can charge a lot for classes, but you don't have to go to a studio to practice yoga. A great way to practice without having to spend any money is by following along with YouTube videos; many channels are entirely devoted to follow-along yoga practices. If you're a college student you can most likely attend free classes at your recreation center, and even if you're not, some fitness centers offer classes for lower than $10 a class or monthly memberships for $10-20 a month.

2. You don't need to purchase any equipment to practice.

Sure, you could buy yourself a nice yoga mat, but you don't really need it to do yoga. You also don't need any weights or other equipment to practice yoga, you just need yourself. If you do decide to buy a mat, you can find a ton of cheap options on Amazon that are under $20. Additionally, many gyms and fitness centers have equipment you can use while you're there

3. Anyone can do it!

Almost all yoga poses have variations, so even if you're not that flexible you can accomplish some poses. Additionally, yoga isn't as physically straining as running or weight training is. When you go to a class you can expect to see people of all ages participating, from young teens to the elderly.

4. It relieves stress

The main point of yoga is to relax and work on flexibility through your breath, it requires little mental activity, and many yogis suggest that you forget about any worries while you practice. When you practice, choose relaxing movements and be proud of where you are at.

5. It boosts your confidence

Just getting out of your house and going out to the gym/studio can really make you feel good about yourself. Every time you choose to practice yoga your body is thanking you. Finally achieving that hard pose after weeks of work really gives a sense of accomplishment!

6. It can help you meet new people

If you decide to go out to a class at your local rec center or at a studio, you can meet some awesome new people and make some new friends.

7. You could build some muscle

If you opt for a power yoga class and stick with it regularly, you could see some positive effect on your muscles, especially when you hold challenging poses.

8. It can be a coping mechanism

When facing something that upsets you or when your world is turned upside down by a terrible event, you could use yoga as a way to cope, finding an escape in your practice.

9. It helps reduce injuries

If you regularly exercise or play a sport, yoga helps lower your risk of injury by making you more flexible, so consider adding it to your routine!

10. It will improve your posture

Yoga is all about being tall, proud, and strong. You sit nice and tall in many poses, avoiding hunched over posture that can cause back pain.

So now that you know all the benefits of doing yoga, consider starting soon! You could even make doing yoga your New Year's Resolution!


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