10 Reasons to Smile Today
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10 Reasons to Smile Today

Even if You More than Likely Flunked Spanish...

10 Reasons to Smile Today
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Finals have just ended and if you’re worried about your Spanish grade, maybe just had a fender bender among other things, it might be good if we talk about 10 reasons why you should smile today. Let’s talk about a few things that don’t include the dreaded work or school.

1. The sun is shining!

It's important to remember that everyday is a new day and a fresh start. Waking up and looking at the sun/sunrise in the mornings helps me be happy and helps me to let go of any stresses I had yesterday.

2. The birds are chirping!

Something as simple as the animals doing their thing blissfully and the birds chirping can help you to realize that life goes on and you should stop and smell the roses.

3. The end is near!

But not in a morbid way...in a everything that is stressing you won’t last forever way.

4. You are right where you need to be!

God has put you in the situation you are in for a reason and he won’t give you more than you can handle.

5. Your car can be fixed!

Even though you may have had a fender bender this week, insurance will take care of it and life will keep going. There is no need to depress yourself over something that is already said and done.

6. Music is a great relaxer!

Whenever I am stressed, sad, happy, you name it, music helps to boost my mood and make my day better. I highly recommend a good band like the Red Hot Chili Peppers to chill you out.

7. Puppies and dogs are always there for you! And they don’t care if you sing to them!

This doesn't need an explanation. Don't knock it till you try it.

8. Somebody loves you!

No matter how tough things get, I guarantee you, there is someone out there who deeply cares about you that you can chat with.

9. You have access food and water!

We can't forget the simple things like food and water that not all people have access to! We are very fortunate to have the necessities and amenities we have in this country.

10. You have lived another day on this beautiful planet!

For someone like myself who can tend to be more negative, it is important for me to remind myself of silly things like some of the things I mentioned on this list. It helps me to look past the bad things or whatever is currently stressing me out and to look more on the bright side. So I hope something as simple as this list can help you brighten your outlook on today.

-Kaitlyn H. Evans

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