When your parents first shipped you away to sleep away camp and you were forced to live with random strangers for two months, who knew that it would be so helpful?

1. You don’t mind waiting for a shower.

At camp, if you were unlucky enough, you would have to wait 45 minutes to get a nice brisk shower. At college, you don’t mind if there is someone in your favorite communal shower, you can wait the five extra minutes until they are done.

2. You know how to survive on junk food.

You've stocked under your bed with everything from ramen to candy and even stolen cereal from the dining hall. The only difference is now, no one in college is yelling at you on how much junk food your allowed to keep with you. If your not in the mood for anything, you can head back to your room and snack on some of your old favorites.

3. You know how to clean your side of the room.

Even at your messiest, there was always a counselor making sure you cleaned up your bunk, made your bed, fixed your shelves, and the countless other jobs that had to be done each morning. At college, it's no different, you can't stand living in your own mess for too long before you break out some old camp jams from the 2000s and make your bed the same way you did when you were eight.

4. You were probably one of the only one out of your friends that knew what it's like to be homesick.

Sure, college hasn’t changed you, you still are the same little kid you were from before when you cried to a counselor about missing home, and you still do today. But, just like when your little, you know your family is just a letter, a text, or a phone call away, and if your lucky, you might even get one of those amazing care packages you used to get back in the day.

5. You’re the first one to start cheering during a sporting event.

In camp, you sat through plenty of hours learning songs, cheering at every color war event and literally every tournament that rolled through your camp; why should college be any different? Still to this day you are the first one to stand up and cheer when your team makes a point, you’re the one yelling at the ref and you're still the one sporting school colors whenever possible.

6. You know how to live with others.

From the first day of camp when you are just seven or eight, you were thrown in a bunk with twenty other bunkmates and left to your own devices. You know how to rock a communal bathroom like no one else and you know when your roommate wants to go to bed, that means its “flashlight time” for you. You understand the importance of being a good roommate, hall mate, or suite mate.

7. You know how to make friends with random strangers.

While others grow up with the same group of friends their entire life, you know what it's like to make friends in an instant. From the first day of camp, you bonded over swimming, your favorite activity at camp, or your favorite candy during canteen. So when you came to college, you knew how to handle college like a true pro.

8. You made move In day a breeze.

Just like you did so many times before, your parents lugged your duffle bag into your room and you got going. You knew where every article of clothing was going to go, where your makeup would sit and where the pictures and were going to hang. This isn’t something new to you; you have done it before and love doing it every single time.

9. You know the small bed struggle.

You have been sleeping for months in a cot so when you finally came to college, your extra long twin was not only okay but also a blessing. You didn’t mind going from your big bed at home to a gross bed with a mattress pad that can't compare to your old bed. At least, on this bed, you can lie down without your feet dangling off the edge.

10. You know how to appreciate the time you have here.

At camp, you cherished those two months you got with your best friends in the best place on earth and college is no different. Ever since your first day on campus, you take in everything because you know that you won't be living with your best friends forever, so you know to love every second of these four years you have here.