10 Reasons To Attend A Cleveland Indian's Game
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10 Reasons To Attend A Cleveland Indian's Game

Obviously excluding the whole World Series thing!

10 Reasons To Attend A Cleveland Indian's Game
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Everyone knows the song "Take me out to the Ball Game." Do you know why you should go to the ball game? Have you ever heard or seen a bat crack? Or tasted the delicious stadium food? Not only are baseball games in general a must, attending a Cleveland Indians game is an even bigger must, and here is why:

1. Sugardale Dollar Dog Night

Hot dogs and baseball games are like peanut butter and jelly. They work together perfectly. And just for a buck? I'll take two!

2. Ketchup, Mustard, and Onion

Typically occurring after the fifth inning of the game, Sugardale's own ketchup, mustard and onion race to the finish line. What condiment are you betting on? I vote Ketchup!

3. Good ole Slider

Slider is the Cleveland Indians mascot. Slider was born July 29, 1990 and has been supporting the tribe ever since!

4. Fireworks

Why wait until Fourth of July weekend to see fireworks when Progressive Field has the best ones in town! Firework nights began as early as May this year!

5. Party at Napoli's

We have all seen the tee shirts floating around but do we really know the significance behind it? The short story is when it comes to humor, the Cleveland Indians have the best fans and the best players. Here's what happened: A fan, Nate Crowe, brought this awesome sign to an Indian's Game, with the implication being, if the Indian's won or played well, the party would be at first-baseman Mike Napoli's house. Crowe then proceeded to make a shirt with "Party at Napoli's" as a logo and sent it to Napoli. After a walk off game, Crowe spotted Napoli wearing the shirt! Crowe did not wait to start producing more tee shirts. With the help of 108 stitches he was able to do just that, and he even landed a spot in the stadium's team shop! What's the best part of Party at Napoli's? All the proceeds go directly to Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital. And this just in, Napoli has decided to even add a "Party at Napoli's" logo to his bat!

6. "Hang on Sloopy"

Also known as Ohio's official rock song, "Hang on Sloopy" is sung with a special rendition (O-H-I-O) at all home tribe games!

7. Does John Adams ring a bell? No, he plays the drum!

John Adams is the guy who plays his drum during intense moments of Indians home games. Adams has attended nearly every home game since 1973!

8. The best stadium food around.

The real question is what is Progressive Field missing? Some of the great dining options available to Tribe Fans include, Melt, Sweet Moses Ice Cream, Barrio, The Corner Bar, Dynomite Burger, Great Lakes Brewing Co., and so much more! What can I say, us Clevelanders know how to eat!

9. Sell outs

While we may not have sold out every game in the past, we're doing pretty great right about now! We still deserve bragging rights, yeah? The Cleveland Indians hold second place for most consecutive sellout games in major league baseball at Progressive Field ( 455 sellouts from June 12, 1995 to April 2, 2001).

10. The Fans

No explanation needed here. Our fans are no doubt the best in all of Major League Baseball.

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