10 Quick Tips For Cosplay Beginners

10 Quick Tips For Cosplay Beginners

"Focus more on how awesome the cosplay you are going to make of that character is going to be."

As I've started buying pieces to put together for my Jyn Erso cosplay, that I'm wearing in May, I've realized that even though I've tried to keep up this fun little hobby of mine, I'm still not at all the best at it. However, that doesn't mean I don't have fun with it or that the skills I have are bad ones. If you are ever thinking of taking up cosplay, I definitely think that you should because it is so exciting and satisfying.

If you are debating starting this hobby here are some tips that I have used to make my cosplays be the best they can be and I think you could find them quite helpful as well.

1. Remember just because you don't look like the character doesn't mean you can't cosplay them.

Here's Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

Here's me in my cosplay for this character

Obviously we aren't twins. Remember that cosplay is more about embracing your love of the character and the show they came from. Don't focus on how you don't look like the character, focus more on how awesome the cosplay you are going to make of that character is going to be.

2. See how others may have interpreted your cosplay.

Odds are you if you are doing a popular character, others have probably done it as well. Look for anything unique they might have done with their cosplay that you might want to add to yours. Also don't be afraid to ask them questions if you can.

3. For your first cosplay, stick to your comfort zone.

I'm not doubting anybodies skills but if you are completely new to the cosplay game and have never touched a sewing machine, possibly find a character that has a simpler cosplay to put together. You don't want to get frustrated on your first try. It's a cliche thing to say but if you want to get better, practice practice practice!

4. Really observe what you are working on.

Sometimes the camera doesn't get every angle of the cosplay. Make sure you do your research so you know you can have every piece of the cosplay covered. Looking up concept art of the costume really helps as well.

Example: Here is the Rey concept art for her scavenger outfit in "The Force Awakens"

5. Thrift stores are your best friend.

Purchasing pieces for a cosplay can be a simpler way of putting the whole thing together but your local thrift store can be so much for beneficial if you use your imagination with some of the clothes you find.

6. Don't forget about the minor details that make your cosplay so special.

Here's Kaylee's costume from the tv show "Firefly"

It's a simple outfit of a green jumpsuit with a flower shirt. However, it's her special patches (the teddy bear, heart, blue flower) that I think really identifies that outfit as hers. Adding small things like these really make the costume and make it seem even more authentic.

(my toes also made a appearance in this photo)

7. Make a pros and cons for including props.

Would it be cool to have massive wings to look like Tinkerbell? Yes! Just remember that you have to maneuver around places with them on.

8. Always have scissors, needle, and thread on hand when working.

Honestly these are the only sewing utensils I use when putting things together!

9. No thread? Dental floss works too!

It worked perfectly for when my mom sewed on my girl scout patches and it works perfectly with cosplay.

10. Make sure to take some time out of your day.

Don't get frustrated about how long your cosplay is taking. Make sure that if you are going to work on anything that you have an allotted amount of time to work on it, while remembering to take breaks.

Cover Image Credit: Serpentors Lair

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Every Harry Styles Suit From His European World Tour

Definitely channeling his inner Shania Twain.

Harry Styles is not afraid to wear any suit... ruffles? Sequins? Jumpsuit? Kilt? Yes, a Kilt.

He has worn them all, and he's only on his 22nd show. Harry Styles live on tour kicked off the third of March in Basel, Switzerland and ends on July thirteenth in Los Angeles, California.

Styles has shown that he isn't afraid to put on his custom (emphasis on custom because literally everything he has worn is made for him and only him) suit and look like a rockstar. Taking inspiration from Elton John, David Bowie, and Prince.

Fashion stylist, Harry Lambert, and Fashion Editor at 10MEN has taken on the challenge of dressing Styles every night in a different suit. Lambert has also taken to giving sneak peeks of each suit before Styles performs on stage. To find those sneak peeks follow him on Twitter or Instagram .

From Gucci, Saint Laurent, Givenchy and current fashion student Harry Reed. Styles has proven he isn't afraid to wear anyones designs. If it's good...it's good.

We can't wait to see what he continues to wear through the next leg of the tour. More articles on suits will definitely be coming in the future. We have a lot of suits to get through so sit back and enjoy the show that is Harry Styles suits.

But if you need constant updates, I highly recommend following Harry Wore What on Twitter. For the latest updates and inside scoops on his latest looks.

These are listed in the order he wore them, but a personal favorite is the Charles Jeffery LOVERBOY 'Appleyard Jumpsuit' he wore in Dublin, Ireland.

1. Basel, Switzerland - custom Gucci

The best look he could have given us on the kickoff of his world tour.

2. Paris, France - custom Saint Laurent

One of his most worn designers and now they have added him to the "custom" Saint Laurent family.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands - custom Harry Reed

Harry Reed still being a college student and having Harry Styles wear his designs on a world tour is a dream come true for anyone.

4. Antwerp, Belgium - custom Alexander McQueen

A burgundy suit with embroidered sleeves is what we all wanted.

5. Stockholm, Sweden - custom Calvin Klein

Red and white wool on a stage for 2 hours with bright lights beating down on you and not a drop of sweat? A pure rockstar.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark - custom Gucci

A lurex jacquard suit with an oversized peak lapel jacket and a silk self-tie blouse. Try saying that 3 times fast.

7. Oslo, Norway - custom Alexander McQueen

True band goals, I relate to Mitch the most drinking the wine.

8. Oberhausen, Germany - custom Givenchy

"I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy SUIT (styling')." Channeling his inner Beyoncé in Oberhausen, Germany.

9. Hamburg, Germany - custom Gucci

How many custom Gucci suits will he pull out this year? Stay tuned.

10. Munich, Germany - custom Calvin Klein

I'm getting very strong Daphne from Scobby Doo vibes in this custom Calvin Klein. But then he turns around it's a total Velma outfit.

11. Barcelona, Spain - custom Palomo

He looks like he's wearing a grandmothers coat but in such a beautiful way. What are his secrets for making this look so good?

12. Madrid, Spain - Palomo

One of his best looks so far, also, the tank top under it is custom Calvin Klein with his saying "Treat People With Kindness" embroidered on the left side near his ribcage.

13. Milan, Italy - custom Gucci

Dazzling in a suit that looks like a Christmas bow.

14. Bologna, Italy - custom Gucci

On world tours, we wear custom pink Gucci suits.

15. Mannheim, Germany - custom Charles Jeffery

Wearing a custom Charles Jeffery LOVERBOY suit. This suit was perfectly named for Harry.

16. Birmingham, UK - custom Calvin Klein

His suit game is strong but not pictured is his Spring 2018 Calvin Klein boots. So... shoe game strong too.

17. Manchester, UK - custom Alexander McQueen

The perfect homecoming suit, performing in an arena he grew up going to.

18. London, UK (NIGHT 1) - custom Gucci

You knew he was going to go big for his first night in London. Pink velvet, embroidery, and sparkled custom suit designed by Alessandro Michele .

19. London, UK (NIGHT 2) - custom Alexander McQueen

"LET'S GO GIRLS!" Definitely channeling his inner Shania Twain.

20. Glasgow, UK - Scotland Kilt Company

He promised he would wear a kilt next time he was in Scotland and he delivered. Wearing a 'Black Isle Tartan Prince Charlie Jacket Dress Kilt Outfit.' He's wearing a kilt and is still killing the fashion game. How?

21. Dublin, Ireland - Charles Jeffery

Back by popular demand. Previously wore this on the Late Late Show with James Corden for a performance. His best look so far and that is a fact.

Yes, this took a lot of research and time. I'm not even mad about it.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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