10 NASCAR Paint Schemes of The 2010s We Will Never Forget
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10 NASCAR Paint Schemes of The 2010s We Will Never Forget

So much can change in a decade, but the best things you remember forever.

10 NASCAR Paint Schemes of The 2010s We Will Never Forget

The 2010s was filled with so many great memories in the world. NASCAR had so many great moments during the 2010s. Jimmie Johnson won 3 m of his 7 championships, and the sport saw so many greats retire. The sport also welcomed in some young talent that has been unbelievable. The one thing we remember most about NASCAR races are the paint schemes (and the winners).

We remember the bright paint schemes, the companies that we see in our day-to-day life, and we remember the paint schemes that touch our hearts. The paint schemes that are dedicated to worthy causes and the paint schemes that honored the ones we lost.

Here are the 10 best NASCAR paint schemes of the 2010s:

1. Jimmie Johnson's Superman Scheme (2016)


Jimmie Johnson's Superman paint scheme at Autoclub in 2016 was one of the coolest paint schemes EVER (Jeff Gordon's rainbow scheme is close)! Imagine and relive the moment with me of this car going around the track at 190+ mph. Then, Jimmie Johnson wins the race! What's cooler than that?!

2. Chase Elliott's Breast Cancer Awareness Scheme (2019)


The last few years Chase Elliott has run this Hooters scheme in October. Nothing makes a better pair than Hooters and Breast Cancer Awareness. This vibrant bright scheme is one that you cannot forget.

3. Ryan Blaney's Dickies Scheme (2019)


This Ryan Blaney paint scheme is really cool looking. It gives off the illusion that the paint scheme is a pair of pants. Going at 100+ mph it looks pretty awesome.

4. William Byron's Axalta Throwback Scheme (2018)


In 2018, William Byron paid homage to the legendary Jeff Gordon with this Axalta paint scheme at Darlington. That is right the rainbow scheme lived through 2 decades. This paint scheme was more anticipated than the actual race.

5. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Man of Steel Scheme (2013)


If you loved and remembered Jimmie Johnson's Superman scheme, then you had to remember Dale Jr.'s National Guard Man of Steel scheme. This scheme is by far one of the coolest paint schemes that Dale Jr. has ever driven (or anyone for that matter). This scheme takes us back to circa 2013.

6. Bubba Wallace's Air Force Scheme (2019)


This Bubba Wallace paint scheme is badass. Bubba Wallace's Air Force scheme is hands down the best scheme of 2019. It is hard to forget this paint scheme. It looks cool in s still photo, and it looked cooler racing around the track.

7. Matt Kenseth's Dollar General Scheme (2015)

3rd Annual Sprint Unlimited at Daytona - Practice

NBC Sports

Remember Matt Kenseth (maybe, maybe not)? Well, his Dollar General scheme is legendary. Everyone remembers this bright yellow car. At the time, when you saw this car racing around the track you instantly thought about Matt Kenseth. The car is currently being piloted by Erik Jones, but it is Matt Kenseth who made the car and the scheme legendary.

8. Kasey Kahne's Pepsi Scheme (2014)


Remember when Pepsi was a sponsor in NASCAR? I know so much changes in a decade. But one thing I remember is this paint scheme that Kasey Kahne drove in 2014.

9. Tony Stewart's Mobil 1 (2016)


Tony Stewart put this paint scheme and Mobil 1 on the map. He made this paint scheme famous. When you see the scheme you instantly think about Tony Stewart.

10. Jeff Gordon's Axalta Scheme (2015)

Fox Sports

Jeff Gordon's Axalta paint scheme in 2015. This was one of the last paint schemes that he ran in 2015. It was also one of the coolest paint schemes of Jeff Gordon's career. Nothing can replace the rainbow scheme, but this has to go in my top 10 favorite schemes of all-time.

So much can change in a decade, but the best things you remember forever. These paint schemes will transcend the decade. They are paint schemes that will go down in history as some of the best in the sport.

The 2010s decade has seen a lot of change in NASCAR. From the biggest moments in the sport to the change in sponsors, but the one thing that reminds is the paint schemes always stand out.

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