10 Keys To Survive And Resist In Trump-World
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10 Keys To Survive And Resist In Trump-World

History will never be the same again, here's what we can do about it.

10 Keys To Survive And Resist In Trump-World
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On July 4, 1776, the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and thus gave birth to what has since become the most powerful nation in the world known as the United States of America. On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States and immediately became the most controversial, polarizing, and possibly the most dangerous President in American history.

When I last wrote about Trump in the week he was elected it was an article that was both an airing of grievances in the wake of devastation and a cautious attempt at optimism hoping it would work out. In the two and a half months since he was elected I made up my mind which was the exact same one since day one: Donald Trump is grossly unqualified to be President.

It is too late to change anything about what happened on November 8th, 2016-a night which will live in infamy-but for those who did not support Trump’s campaign and did everything they could to keep him out of the White House, there is still plenty that can be done.

Even as a citizen without political power or social influence, there are many ways to both survive and resist in what is now Trump-World, and contribute to the downfall of this administration. Below is a list of ways the American Rebels can (peacefully) take down the Trump Empire.

1. Do Not Ignore It

The first and possibly the hardest thing to do in the coming days and years is to not ignore what is going on. Normalizing the Trump presidency is one of the major goals of his administration, other politicians, and the media. As John Oliver said on the HBO show Last Week Tonight, find ways to constantly remind yourself that “This Is Not Normal.” You can still go to your job or to school, watch your favorite shows, hang out with your friends and do your typical activates, but always remind yourself from time to time that Donald Trump being the president is highly unusual.

2. Do Not Trust the Words of Trump or Mainstream Media

Donald Trump and his supporters will not be a reliable narrator for what they are doing. I assure you that just as former President George W. Bush did, they will hire their own journalists and set up their press conferences with questions coming from news outlets that support him. All of this is designed to make his administration seem normal and successful. Do not believe in it.

There will be mainstream media outlets like Fox News that will create a story showing how positively effective Trump’s presidency will be. Fox News will also have a “First 100 Days” show chronicling the first few months of the Trump administration and will likely be as scripted and fictional as most reality television is. Do not watch or believe it.

Do not rely on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, or mainstream news networks like CNN, Fox, or NBC news, because they rely on your clicks and viewership, not the truth.

3. Rely On The Facts and Truth

Any news outlet you should follow to know what’s going on include newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post and the nonprofit website ProPublica.org


Do not go to media outlets that just echo chambers to validate your views, because something will happen that did not prepare you and will have you devastated, like the result of the election.

Independent and individual ran shows you should watch that are against Trump include:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO

Full Frontal With Samantha Beeon TBS

The Resistance with Keith Olbermannon Youtube (My Favorite)

The Daily Show with Trevor Noahon Comedy Central

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on CBS

Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO

4. Support His Enemies

Georgia Congressman John Lewis

Any journalist or politician Donald Trump or members of his administration openly citizen or dismiss, you put that person on a pedestal. The reason why is because Trump will only condemn someone he sees as a threat to his power, that should be a sign that we should listen and support this person. If it’s a journalist, read their articles or pieces, share them on social media, follow them and tell your friends about him or her. If he criticizes a politician, support him or her as a member of the government you can trust and vote for them if up for reelection in the 2018 midterms.

For example, Georgia Congressman John Lewis made headlines by choosing not to attend the inauguration and stating his belief that "the Russians participated this man get elected and they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton." That means we have at least one member of Congress we can trust and should listen to him instead most politicians. Lewis's remarks will pay off in the future as he will be recognized as a Patriot.

By the time the 2020 Presidential elections come around one of those Democratic politicians Trump condemned could rise as the Democratic nominee and country can rally behind him or her to be the next President.

5. Demote His Allies

A look at the new House and Senate

On the flip-side, anyone Trump views as an ally, criticize or withdraw any support from him or her. As Harvey Dent said about the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight "The Joker is just a mad dog. I want whoever let him off the leash."

This analogy applies to the government today because at the end of the day, Donald Trump is just a mad dog. We should be just as angry with the people and politicians who recognize his chaotic madness but refuse to yank his leash. Why would that be? Because Trump in power puts the Republicans in power and puts more power to the big businesses and corporations who supported him and vice-versa.

What we can do about that as citizens and consumers, is boycott any organization that endorse or contributed to Trump and his allies. No matter how convenient that company could be for you, find an alternative for as long as Trump is president. This can cause economic blow-back to those very corporations and possibly lead to their downfall.

Does it benefit Trump? Don’t support it. Does it benefit Rudi Giuliani? Don’t support it. Mike Pence? Don’t support it. Chris Christie? Don’t support it. Ted Cruz? Don’t support it. Alex Jones? Especially don’t support it. Below are some companies and people who according to Keith Olbermann, have ties with Trump.

Obviously you have to pay your taxes or else you go to jail, but for starters you should not let Trump's companies take your money. Don't book a room in any Trump hotels and don't gamble at Trump's casino. Avoid all of Trump businesses and help firms that applauded him like New Balance go bankrupt.

Don't bother to let them take your money.

The radio host and Right Wing cartoon Alex Jones, who Trump allegedly called to thank for helping him win the election and promised to appear on his show one day. Google the radio stations that air his show, find their advertisers, and boycott their advertisers.

You know he's faking this right? He just wants money.

Former New York Mayor and avid Trump supporter Rudy Giuliani is a consultant for Uber. Which means that you should stop using Uber and instead go with Lyft, take a Taxi, carpool, metro, or drive yourself around.

Remember when you had respect for this guy? I was 7.

The New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was accompanied by Vice President Pence at Monday Night Football Jets game was anointed as the United Kingdom ambassador. So don't go to a Jets home game even if you're rooting against them, they are a bad team anyway.

(Right Picture) The Butt Fumble, the only image the Jets should now be associated with. Joe Namath is still awesome though.

And here's a fun way to do this: the character known as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones has a list of people she wants to kill for murdering her friends and family and season by season she crosses name off that list. I am obviously not asking you to actually go out and kill Trump and his allies but I want you to make a list of all of them starting with the President, and make sure in time their political reputation and legacy will be eviscerated.

The actress who plays Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams, has already made her own political kill list of British politicians...back in 2015. Of all the things America has stolen from England, this we should steal too.

Maisie for Prime Minster 2030

6. Donate to Organizations Trump is Against

As John Oliver pointed out on Last Week Tonight, If you can afford the time or money, you can support the following organizations that help with issues Trump and the government will either ignore or defund.

For Womens Health donate to:

Planned Parenthood at


Center For Reproductive Rights at


To help issues with Global Warming and climate changes donate to:

National Resources Defense Council at


To Support refugees donate to:

The International Refugee Assistance Project at


To support minorites or the LGBT commnunity:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund at


The Trevor Project at


Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Funds at


7. Protest Wisely And In Numbers

Logo of the Women's March

There already have been protests of Trump from the night he won the election and protests will continue until the inauguration of the next Democratic president.

The Trump administration and the media will look for examples of protests getting violent and show arrests being made displaying the potential consequences of it. This is why if you were to participate in a protest, it should be among a large group or people to where police will be more careful and also it would be a symbolic "strength in numbers resistance."

The Women's March taking place in Washington DC and New York City the day after the inauguration is a good example of a protest because it was planned, there will be a large amount of protesters, and it will simply be a march, just as Martin Luther King's Civil Rights protests were only marches. In that regard police will oversee the march to make sure it goes peacefully and not worry too much about it turning violent.

You can and should remain with friends and family who voted and/or supported Trump. And if you happen to find yourself in a political debate with that Trump supporter do not let your emotions get the best of you. Calmly and rationally ask why Trump should be trusted as President and use facts and statements he said and did in your argument. Use facts such as the one about how he lost the popular vote meaning that a minority of voters elected them, that can certainly get under their skin.

The theme of this protesting is like Jedi training: Do not let your anger control you.

8. Do Not Fall Into His Chafe Headlines

Lucifer and Beelzebub-er-I mean Trump and Kanye

What I have learned in the two months in-between his election and inauguration is that Donald Trump has the power to distract us with meaningless interactions and feuds instead of what’s really important. That is his power as a celebrity and him exploiting society and the media with his involvement with entertainment and celebrities.

The most glaringly obvious distraction was him being seen in the Trump Tower with Kanye West. Kanye West who, behind Trump himself, is the most toxic and attention-grabbing celebrity on earth. Who already planted the insane concept that he wants to run for president in 2020 and we all laugh and joke about it until it actually happens *knock on wood*. That is the very definition of a chafe news story.

Trump's first go at this was when he overreacted at the cast of the Broadway musicalHamiltonfor "harassing" his Vice President Mike Pence, despite clear evidence that it was a calm and simple message about freedom and America. Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump people took it to social media condemning and praising the musical.

It happened again at the Golden Globes where Meryl Streep, arguably the most respected living actress on the planet, made anti-deportation comments while speaking at the awards show and sparked an all-out war on the internet. That event once again distracted everyone from the cabinet appointments and statements Trump was making, which mattered more than scuffles between celebrities.

You can still be aware of the news headlines that just chafe, but don't let those candy-crush-story lines interfere with the stories that actually effect your life and your country.

9. Read And Educate Yourself

Illustration of the Lincoln-Douglass Debates of 1858

Considering that most Odyssey readers and writers are either in school or recently graduates, we are a generation amidst both scary and interesting times. In these times we should educate ourselves more about politics, history, philosophy, and other universal subjects so we can inspire change in our communities and society.

Listen the Lincoln-Douglas debates and see how that could apply to today's politics. Read George Orwell's 1984 and see how his visions and predictions have come true today. Watch documentaries about American history like the Revolutionary War or the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement to see what it was like in troubled times for our ancestors.

I believe that in the next several years we are going to have great journalists and great politicians come out of the woodwork. That is because many intelligent and smart young adults will recognize what is wrong with society, and feel obliged to act. whether it's writing think pieces or participating in debates or town hall meetings.

Even the artists and philosophers can thrive today because because art allows a brief escape from reality. The artists frustrations with today's problems will inspire them to create thoughtful and powerful work that will inspire today's and future generations.

10. VOTE.

If you did not make the effort to go and vote last November then that means you do not care about the society you live in, and have no right to protest the state of politics. The only way you can redeem yourself is to VOTE. Do not wait to vote until the 2020 elections, vote in the 2018 midterm elections in an effort to put as many anti-Trump politicians as possible in Washington. It is the best way for the Legislative branch to cuff Trump as he gains more experience in the White House.

Then in 2020 go and vote for a Democratic nominee who hopefully is more liked and qualified than Hillary Clinton was and bring a premature end to Trump’s master plan as president.

And yes, some may say that our vote might not even matter because Russia could hack the elections again. I believe you if that were to allegedly happen again, the nationwide backlash evidence would be so overwhelming that America will have no choice but to redo the vote in another system. Fool me once, shame on you…

And so with that, are the ten keys that will help us turn Trump-World back into America. In closing I leave you with one last quote, this time from Winston Churchill.

Resist in Peace.

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