1. Everything cracks

Waking up in the morning you feel like a glow stick because of all the cracking. Even the slightest movement and something cracks.

2. You choreograph to any type of music...anywhere

In the car, in the store, in your room, if there's music you know you're choreographing something to that song in your head. There may even be a little foot tapping.

3. You always stand in fifth position

Standing in the front of the class giving a presentation, you're in fifth position. Standing around talking to your friends, you're in fifth position. It doesn't matter where you are, you have been trained enough to know that no matter what, you stand in fifth position.

4. You don't need a sock to do a sock bun.

You were putting your hair into a "sock bun" before they were even a thing...and you don't need a sock to do it!

5. You're probably guilty of wearing your leotard places other than dance.

Leotards are making a comeback and lucky you! You have quite the collection to choose from.

6. You cringe when you hear someone say "one more time"

We all know that does NOT mean one more time, it actually means at least three more. And it's also the main reason why you have trust issues.

7. If something of yours has gone missing, its probably in your dance bag. That thing is like a black hole.

Along with thousands of water bottles, socks, and things you though you would need at dance but never actually used...like that one sports bra you had to have but never wore because it ended up in your dance bag.

8. It physically pains you to sit normal

One leg, or both, has to be up or in a weird position. Its comfortable, yes, but everyone looks at you like you're some freak of nature because no one else sees comfort in sitting like that.

9. "I cant I have dance"

You're number one excuse as to why you never went out, or if you needed an excuse to not go out.

10. You're closer with all your dance friends than anyone else.

Regardless if you met them 2 months ago or 7 years ago, there is a special bond between those who dance, and its a bond that can never be broken. They are so much more than just your friends, they're your family.