Exercise, ugh. Its something some of us try to avoid at all cost. There is something that helps though: Music. The right song can help you power through the work out. Here are my top ten songs to help you power through your workout.

1. Phoenix/ I Don't Care/ Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

To be completely honest, most Fall Out Boy Songs could fit on this list. There three stick out because they pump the listener up. I could make a person after their work out being irresistible after their work out, but I don't care for puns. *Rides away on a Phoenix, wear fireproof clothes*

2. NonStop from Hamilton

A song that is also great for writing, you can't help increase the pace when this song plays. Plus, it keeps you pumped until your crash from excising to hard.

3. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

From Rocky III and a really awesome blooper from Supernatural, this song is hard not to jam out to. You want to go the extra mile, run harder, or not eat that donuts. Okay, maybe not that donuts one.

4. Bicycle Race by Queen

The group that almost let their music be a part of Rocky III, this is the perfect song to rock on a bike to.

5.Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Everyone needs one song that they need to take a breath during their workout; this is that song break.

6. Rocky's Theme

One of the best theme songs of all time it is hard not to want to go run a mile when listening to this song. It gets stuck in your head for days.Your singing the theme song in you head right now.

7. Theme from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

From Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer, come ones of the best theme songs to work out to. The guitar pumps the listener up and image they are fighting things that go bump in the night.

8.I'll Make a Man Out Of You from Mulan.

Here's idea for you. Try singing in all the character voices, while on a bike, and in the correct tempo. You'll be out of breath by time the song is done.

Music helps makes time go faster which is something need on when on a bike , or excising in general for that matter. There are hundreds, theses are just some of my favorites.