Foreword: This is something of a commentary on criticisms we may receive, whether those criticisms be from friends, family, society in general, or peers who believe they know us, but don't. Whatever the case may be, this stands as a reminder that our feelings, ideas, and emotions are valid and cannot be invalidated by those around us. We are human, and we feel, and... that's the tea, sis.

"god forbid you're human" say their eyes, and not their lips.

they wouldn't dare to stop their stares

because what would they miss?

it's something that's implicit, it isn't spoken, not direct,

its inherent in the rumors of yourself

you don't know yet.

god forbid you're human when he sulks and sits and waits

for your apology for the mistakes that he himself has made.

god forbid your trembling hands hesitate,

or your quivering breath catch,

god forbid your flushed face showcase

the pain you're holding back.

god forbid the tears, the triumphs, the struggle, and the strife.

god forbid the blood you shed

down your back from another's knife.

god forbid you shift your eyes away from those that burn you.

god forbid you can't let go because you never learned to.

god forbid the place you go when you get lost inside your mind.

god forbid the human who acts the part and does it right.

god forbid our feelings show themselves when they are felt,

god forbid the stories that our tongues just ache to tell.

god forbid we're human and we turn pages when they're done,

god forbid the song ends when all the words have been sung.

god forbid we're humans letting other humans win,

little do they know the box they are locking themselves in.

they are busy feeling nothing, sharing words that aren't theirs,

sitting idle while they learn to teach themselves how not to care.

"god forbid you're human" say the robots in disguise,

fueled by gasoline and gossiping and blinding white lies.

their hearts are made of metal,

it's the type that leaves them cold,

but god forbid your human heart is made of solid gold.