What do you think when you look in the mirror? Are you eyes too close together or your ears too far apart? Is your smile crooked, or do you wish your teeth were whiter? Do you have too many freckles? Whenever we look at our reflection, we always find something wrong with our outward appearance. We always wish that we could change just this one thing, and that one thing eventually will turn into many things we wish to change. We are never satisfied with ourselves.

Song of Songs 4:7 reads, "You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you."

Why is it that every time we look in the mirror, we find what we think is a mistake? God never makes mistakes, and he proves it in this verse by saying, "There is no flaw in you." You were made in the image of God. When God made you, He created you as a part of His amazing plan, and he created you to be YOU. Think about how big, miraculous, inspiring, and perfect our God is. Now think that this perfect God created YOU. You were part of His plan since the very beginning. Think about how much time He spent putting every single piece of you together in the exact way He wanted you to be. There would be no way God would make a mistake!

Whenever you see someone with the perfect eyebrows or the straightest teeth, instead of wishing that you looked like them, remember that God created you. He created you the way you are for a specific reason and a purpose. Instead of wishing you had brown eyes instead of blue, ask God to show you what His purpose for your life is.

When you wake up tomorrow morning and look in the mirror, instead of thinking that your hair looks messy, think that God has blessed you with that hair, and that he made your eyes sparkle in just the right way. Remind yourself every day when you step in front of a mirror that you are beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks. You wouldn't be you if you didn't have those freckles. So step away from the mirror, and put a smile on your face. God created you that way, and your reflection is always perfection to Him.