When Your Doctor Doesn't Believe Your Pain Is Real

Everyone has been there. Sitting in that waiting room, planning out what you will say to the doctor, running through the pain that you've experienced and making sure it sounds real.

But for some of us, it's more than just a simple visit to the doctor. It's waking up tired and feeling just a little bit... weird all the time. It's going weeks feeling fine and second-guessing everything you've been through. It's knowing there's something wrong but not saying anything because of the fear nobody will believe you.

If you are one of the people who can relate to these feelings, you are not alone. Your pain is valid. Your pain is real. Don't stop telling people how you feel, and don't stop fighting to find out the root of your pain. You deserve to feel good.

Even if it is a simple headache or waking up feeling tired. It isn't normal and it is real. Coming from someone who experiences unexplained pain, let me tell you that those people who say "it will pass" or "go take an aspirin" don't know the full story. You know your own body. You know when things feel off, do not be afraid to speak up.

If thinking about the pain you feel or trying to explain how you feel makes you tear up, you are not alone. If hearing others say negative things about your struggles or having to laugh while secretly wanting to scream is relatable, you are not alone.

Keep fighting through the doctors' visits and the inconclusive bloodwork. Keep pushing doctors to give answers and try things. Keep telling yourself your pain is real. keep looking for answers to your symptoms anywhere you can. It isn't easy, I know, but answers are worth it in the end.

In my own life, convincing myself my pain was real led to a diagnosis and a surgery to correct scoliosis. It has led to a treatment for horrendous allergies that make them almost bearable. It has gotten me doctors appointment after appointment with a lovely doctor who I am lucky enough to have trust what I say is true. Find those people who believe you and want to help you get better.

If this is not relatable to you, good. You don't wake up feeling tired or constantly finding new bruises in places they shouldn't be. But don't ignore this letter either. If you hear someone talk about their pain, believe them. Support them. Help them to get the care they need.

You can do it. Stay strong. Keep going. Your pain is real, and you are not alone.

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