8 Problems You Have As The Youngest Sibling

As difficult as it sometimes is to be the youngest sibling, I've really grown to appreciate the way that my older sisters look out for me and the bond that we share.

Both of my roommates are only children, and it's really made me reflect on how lucky I am to have my sisters in my life; however, there are so many experiences I've struggled with as a youngest sibling.

If you're a youngest sibling, you can probably relate to these things:

1. Making the Biggest Clothing Faux Pas Imaginable

It doesn't matter if you put it on first...if you're the youngest, you can bet you are going to have to change...and quick! It doesn't matter if you go to two completely separate places: it simply isn't done! But don't be surprised when you return home from shopping and your sister asks you to go back and get one of everything in her size and a different color. It is definitely a double standard situation, but it's not your fault you have impeccable taste!

2. Always Being Treated Like A Baby By Your Family Members

You guys do realize that I'm 20, right?! Okay, just making sure because... it just... doesn't seem like you do. I appreciate you keeping some juice boxes and fruit snacks for me around the house, but that's just because they taste good, not because I'm a toddler.

3. Having to Participate in Blindfolded Taste Tests

If I recall correctly, the most memorable combination I got was an Oreo but instead of having the cream inside...it was mayo. I don't know if my sisters' plan was to give me trust issues, but that would have to be the major takeaway. I'm so glad you guys never gave me things that tasted good...I wouldn't want to feel spoiled! How you got me to sit there and eat everything is beyond me!

4. Getting Left With the Crappiest Chores

"Trust me, it's the fastest chore to pick! I wish I could do it, but I thought I would be nice and let you pick first for a change." They did make a very convincing argument, and I do have to give them credit on the employment of some class A deception. I've regretted making the decision to clean the cat litters over emptying the dishwasher since it happened so many years ago. I spent years waiting for another chance to be able to switch chores with someone...the time never came, so here I am, still stuck cleaning the cat litters.

5. Being the Designated Air Mattress Sleeper

Unfortunately, when you go on vacation and stay at a hotel in a room with two queen beds, there isn't enough space, and the youngest will be forced to sleep on the leaky and squeaky air mattress. My family had to deal with the sounds of me fidgeting around on the air mattress because I was a bit of a restless sleeper, and I had to deal with waking up on the floor in the morning because I sunk down into the mattress during the night. Basically...no one was a winner when this happened.

6. Don't Shoot the Messenger

"Do you want to play a game?" Turns out...the answer to that question is generally no...but you get roped into it anyway. One of our old past times was a game my sisters called "Mailman." Their rooms were just across the hall from one another, so they would get to sit in their rooms -- comfy on their beds -- with their doors closed. They would write letters to one another. Sounds like fun, right?! Well, they had a blast! I had to sit between their doors on a stool and wait for one of them to write a letter to the other and slide it under their door for me to deliver under the other one's door.

Needless to say, I got bored pretty quickly, and eventually my sisters would notice they hadn't gotten a reply in a while and come out of their rooms to find me having a snack and watching PBS cartoons. They were never too happy about this, but they really should have seen it coming.

7. Being Teased About Liking Someone

I swear, it's like they could smell out anytime I got a crush. I would hardly have opened my mouth to mention it before the choruses of "Kristen's got a boyfriend!" sprang up around me. It still baffles me to this day...how do they do that?! Can they read my mind or something? Whatever ability it is, it's just uncanny.

8. Too Much Information...

And when you finally bring someone special home to meet them, you're immediately treated to a repertoire of all of the most embarrassing anecdotes about your life and have to tackle your siblings to prevent them from showing the poor guy your baby photos. I know that you guys love telling the story of the time I broke my nose when attempting a dance move on the slippery wood floor...but can't that at least wait until a little longer into the relationship? Props and brownie points to any guy brave enough to return!

I love my sisters to death, but they do make it really hard not to be irritated at them a majority of the time.

To Amber and Becky, I love you guys, and next week's article is going to be dedicated to how you make my life better; hopefully you'll be okay with this one after reading the next one!

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