You Should Understand All Aspects of Abortion if You Want to be Against it
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You Should Understand All Aspects of Abortion if You Want to be Against it

The State Government of Ohio Has a New Bill That Could Possibly be a Dangerous New Law

You Should Understand All Aspects of Abortion if You Want to be Against it

I am in a liberal bubble and I do not like it all the time. But I have something to say to the state government of Ohio.

Both my parents are republican, but I had never identified with their beliefs. Though it usually causes me a lot of grief to stick up for my views on any current political wave, I never change what I think. Unless, of course, someone gives me a good reason to change my mind.

One thing that will probably never change is my view on abortion. I feel from my past experiences and observations that abortion has an undeserved stigma behind it. I’ve heard some people say things like, “one trashy girl gets 6 abortions and she ruins it for everyone.”

I thought about it and I have decided I do not agree with this statement. There are so many factors for this person getting an abortion. Maybe she is uneducated about birth control because she grew up without access to doctors and gynecologists. Maybe she is experiencing a serial rapist. Maybe she chooses to have unprotected sex but still has the cognitive capability to understand she can’t properly raise a child. Regardless, it is none of your business and certainly none of mine.

Bodily autonomy basically means my body, my choice. But a lot of demographics and parts of the government (federal and state) think that an unborn fetus matters more than a woman’s autonomy. Though some may not outwardly say that, when you do say that there are no abortions allowed, no exceptions, you are putting a fetus’s life before the consideration of the mother’s.

Why this is important is for a few reasons; in my experiences with friends and peers, I have realized that many men and women do not realize that the steps and terms of abortion is vast and versatile. For example, many states rule that you need counseling before the procedure and be shown (or offered to be shown) a picture during an ultrasound. There are some states that provide full or limited public funding.

And the time in which an abortion is allowed varies state by state. New York allows abortions up to 24 weeks and late term abortions are allowed if the mother or fetus’ life is in danger.

If you are interested about any state’s restrictions and statistics this is a great site.

Another example is many do not think about what happens if the fetus perishes within the womb? If abortions are illegal, the mother would then have to carry her deceased child to term (9 months) and be induced into labor. Removing the dead fetus is considered an abortion, which is an idea that many people avoid thinking about.

There are so many reasons for abortion, but like I said the only parties that should concerned with the procedure is the parent(s) and the doctor. I do not think that there should be absolutely no government involvement because of 1, funding and 2, procedure regulations; I think a lot of people who say “government get out of my uterus!!!!” forget that the public funding comes from the state or federal government. However, I do not think that the state of Ohio should be able to pass a bill proposing to ban all abortions, without exceptions.

Without exceptions means no rape victims, dead fetuses in the womb, poor women, women without access to sex education, no choice of bringing children with disabilities into the world, no exceptions for older women who face health risks, no exceptions for the broken condom. The list goes on and on.

This proposed bill came just 1 day after Mississippi passed a law that abortions can only be performed up to 15 weeks and no exceptions for after that time period.

Ohio wants to ban abortions with no exceptions which is unrealistic, dangerous and thoughtless. It is thoughtless for all the women that did not consent to sex but suddenly no choice. Thoughtless for the couples who are not financially prepared for a whole person to support. I am hoping for all these people and more that the state of Ohio does not further this bill into a law.

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