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    Brenna MacIsaac is a 22-year-old writer who comes from the mountains in New York. She has a style of writing that is what is in front of her.; much of her inspiration is literally, exactly what is in front of her at the time. This is not limited to her own imagination and memories, but many of her poems are experiences that happened to those who are close to her. She tries to take their stories and write about them from new perspectives that might mean something to the subject of the poems; this could mean closure, clarification or the consequences of the subject’s actions. She thinks that topics such as sad memories and love stories are cheesy and annoying, so Brenna tries to put a new spin on it when she finds herself writing about those topics. Like most people, she has dealt with trauma and poor choices. She knows that from watching other people, they are not their bad attributes so she tries to tell herself that she is not her bad parts either. This inspiration also comes from experiences with divorce and heartbreak, the death of her younger brother, and drugs and alcohol. Her writing tries to be unique and entertaining. Brenna writes about things that she finds herself passionate about such as: feminism, abuse, being emotional, and dead animals. She loves to spend time at the movie theater and eat Mexican food.

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