I Moved Away For College, And You Should Do It Too
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I Moved Away For College, And You Should Do It Too

Trust me, it's worth it

I Moved Away For College, And You Should Do It Too

Choosing a college can be a big stressor in many people's lives. Not only is applying and getting in stressful but making a choice, especially if you are given many options can be very difficult. In terms of why people choose the school they do, some base it on wanting to stay close to, or get away from family. Others may choose based on income/tuition, and some athletics or climate.

Regardless of your reason, I fully support the idea that "away" is the best option.

1. You'll want a fresh start.

If you're someone who's grown up with the same people for 18 years, branching off and getting away is the best thing for yourself. Not to mention you get the image you want, no one needs to know anything you don't want them too.

2. You'll appreciate your family more.

Your family will always be your main support system, but if you're someone who finds yourself fighting with them often, the distance will make you realize just how much you appreciate them.

3. A new climate or environment. 

If you choose to go really far away, say... Michigan to Arizona... not only are you around completely new people, new slang, new accidents, but you'll also be around a new climate. Warmer or colder weather, different landmarks, and stores, it's all new and amazing!

4. You're more independent.

If you stay home, or close to home, you will likely be mostly dependent or fully dependent on your family. Away from home, all the rules are your own. Your bedtime, your rules, it's all as your heart desires.

5. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

On top of independence, you learn very quickly what you can and can't afford, what or who you do or don't like, and good from bad choices.

6. You'll learn who your real hometown friends are.

The number one thing I learned in moving away was who my true friends are. The number of fake friends you realize you were dealing with in high school will really show true colors when you're 3,000 miles away. The shade is real.

The list could go on forever. In the end, the decision is yours, and moving away isn't for everyone. The reality is if you are even considering if you should move away, you should. Don't let anything hold you back. On a personal level, I almost didn't follow my dreams to go to the school I wanted, I almost went to a school closer to home I had no interest in only because it was a BIG 10 school that gave me a full ride athletically...however, in the end, I had to do what my heart wanted and go further away to be independent.

P.S. Don't let anyone force you into living in the dorms freshman year, I promise you, it is just as awful as you think. Take it from someone who moved out after a month, save some money, gain some responsibility and get an apartment.

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