'You Need To Calm Down' Is The Official Anthem Of Pride Month

As you may already know Taylor Swift's new music video "You Need To Calm Down," was released on Monday with a ton of stars including Ciara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ryan Reynalds, and Ellen Degeneres. If you weren't already in love with Swift's new song with a cool summer beat, you definitely are now. Having more celebrities use their voice towards positive activism is a relief, including this video.

Taylor Swift has proven that activism doesn't have to be angry or upset about a devastating event. Instead, activism can be simple like supporting friends or family and ensuring they are equal members of society. Activism doesn't have to be just screaming and shouting to make your voice become less invisible in a world with 24/7 communication. Activism should be service that people do all the time, not specifically during the hard times.

Second, Swift proves anyone can enjoy pride month. As someone who is not part of the LGBTQ community, I thought to enjoy pride month was off limits and didn't apply to me. I learned pride month is something everyone can enjoy and how not to discriminate against people for being themselves. Pride month is about supporting civil rights of LGBTQ+ people but also all people.

Third, Swift attempts to heal what is broken, specifically her feud with Katy Perry. I thought this was unbelievable, to say the least. It really shows how people need to be the bigger person, do the right thing and be a better version of themselves. Regardless of Katy Perry, the song speaks to healing a broken world that doesn't believe in itself.

Instead of responding with anger in the midst of a terrible catastrophe, we can instead respond with hope for the value we already have and learn to think positively. After all, Taylor says, "Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD(referencing The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)?" Celebrating Pride month gives hope for furthering equality, peace, and living with fulfillment and confidence about who you are.

No one said you have to be narcissistic or get into fights to make your voice heard. A good alternative is discerning if you are using your voice in a positive or negative way and helping society as much as possible. Rather than being down on your luck as if nothing will ever change for the good, starting with you it always can.

Here's a summary of what we've learned:

1. Throwing a little shade does not destroy another's identity.

2. Express your identity how you want

3. Be who you were born to be aka you're real, authentic self.

4. Getting into fights doesn't help.

5. Think the best, rather than the worst.

6. Everyone can enjoy Pride Month.

7. Don't "scream" at people if you don't have to.

8. Learn to use your voice appropriately and at the right time and place.

9. Stay cool because we all need to calm down.

10. Live peacefully and grow in the brokenness.

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