I'm Straight And I Love And Support Pride Month
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I'm Straight And I Love And Support Pride Month

You don't have to identify with the movement to support it.

straight ally at lgbtq pride parade

In honor of Pride month, I felt like it should be addressed that while you may not be a part of the LGBTQ+ movement directly, you can still support it just as much.

In fact, you could not be an identifier of any marginalized group, but you could still provide the protection and support they deserve.

Many refer to this support as being an "ally" or using your privilege as an advantaged or privileged demographic in America to spread awareness and protection for this marginalized group.

It doesn't require much, you may not even immediately support the cause, but having an open mind and an open heart are your first tools.

Simple things such as posting your support for their movement or reading up on articles and news about the movement mean so much to the people involved. As a marginalized or oppressed group in America, their voice may always be loud but may not always be heard. Using your platform and ability as an "accepted" part of society, such as a cis male or female, not only makes the people of the movement feel accepted but also raises their voices to be heard.

If you're feeling extra supportive, attend an event or a parade.

Almost all of the Pride parades are about acceptance and celebrating identities, and while you may not directly relate to the cause, attendance may change your life. You may meet people you never thought you'd be friends with, or you might lose preconceptions about those who identify as LGBTQ+. Ultimately, educating yourself about the particular marginalized group will create yet another voice that will hopefully make the change they are seeking for their community.

I do not have any personal reason to support Pride and the LGBTQ+ community besides believing every human deserves respect and love. I do know people who identify with the community and they have become some of my best friends, but I have always supported equality in love.

Pride month is special to me as a cis black woman because I believe every identity deserves a chance in the world. The beauty of the month being so powerfully celebrated shows me that while we are slowly making social progress, our strides are not going unnoticed and the bigger the Pride parades get, the bigger the movement gets.

So, as we celebrate Pride month, remember: you can be straight and still love and support the movement.

You can protect and promote the people within it so their voices are heard and they receive the change they are looking for. You can support the movement and many other movements you may feel you do not fit into.

Happy Pride!

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