You Know You're A Swimmer When...
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You Know You're A Swimmer When...

The true life facts of the life of a swimmer.

You Know You're A Swimmer When...
Kayla Riemensperger gets a lot of smack talk for being a wimpy, no-contact sport, but I'm here to correct any misconceptions: Swimming is intense. Like, uber intense. We often don't get the credit we believe that we deserve. Swimmers devote their lives to their sport, so here are a few things that any swimmer can relate too.

1: Your alarm clock is set at 5:00, 5:15, 5:20, 5:30 a.m. (Every minute of sleep counts!)

2: You've slept through at least five morning practices, possibly more, just to achieve those few extra minutes of valued sleep.

3: You collect swim caps. (A majority of them aren't even your own.)

4: Every conversation somehow reverts back to swimming. "Remember that all you can eat buffet with the..." "OMG, I love that place I go all the time after practice!"

5: You can't wear two piece bathing suits because your stomach is a whole other race compared to your arms and legs.

6: Jamming a piece of Styrofoam between your legs is not a kinky sexual activity.

7: You have rings around your eyes unrelated to the amount you sleep you got. (Yes, goggles leave tan lines. No, I am not a raccoon)

8: You sweat chlorine. (Yes, other people smell it on you, it's not just in your head)

9: “Going to the pool” or “going for a swim” means something different to you than it does to most people.

10: Your hair stylist takes one look at your hair and asks; "Are you a swimmer?"

11: Your hair is always wet and in a bun.

12: Trying to get into your swimsuit when it’s still damp can almost take away your desire to work out. (Almost.)

13: You have absolutely no shame in being nearly naked around your friends and teammates.

14: That being has taken at least 3 other swimmers to help you put on a fastskin...its a free for all.

15: "Swimcest" is a very, very, very, real thing. (This is not a myth people!)

16: Your ability to eat anything and everything doesn't always play in your favor when you go on a date with a normal non-swimmer. "Yeah ill take the chicken wing platter, as well as a fries come with that?"

17:During a backstroke set you have been touched in places you prefer not to be touched.

18: You're not shocked when you see old guys in speedos. (You see speedos everyday this is nothing new.)

19: You make up a lame excuse just to leave practice 10 minutes early so that you can skip the long warm-down.

20: You love it.

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