You Have Been Ranked.

When your priority was making her jealous, Someone thrived to make everyone jealous of her.

When you thought it smart to make her feel worthless,Someone thought it right to make her feel like a queen.

When you thought it just to disregard her sacrifices,Someone justified her mistakes.

When you would not offer your shoulder,Someone offered their all.

When you made her tears the source of your happiness and ego, Someone made her smile the source of their strength.

Slowly she got off the ride, And you held on stronger. Too little too late.

There's a smile on her face now, And you are not the reason.

There's this unending joy she feels within her,You were never accountable for that.Your presence no longer excites her, Your touch no longer entices her. Your kisses now kill her butterflies,Your voice stopped making her quiver.Your care is no longer her concern, She has taken the blindfolds off.

And you have been ranked—UNworthy.

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