11 Yoga Moves To Do After Stuffing Your Face On Thanksgiving
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11 Yoga Moves To Do After Stuffing Your Face on Thanksgiving

Eat now. Yoga later.


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you are probably thinking about all the amazing food you will have. There is always too much food at Thanksgiving that you find yourself overeating and feeling miserable. Here are some yoga poses that will help you ease the pain of a full stomach.

Adamintine Pose

The simplicity of this pose makes it perfect for any time of the day. It aids in digestion and helps relieve some of that stomach pain following a large meal.

Child's Pose

This pose is perhaps one of the most relaxing yoga poses. It also aids in digestion when your knees are directly below your stomach because it massages your intestine track as you take deep breathes.

Cobra Pose

Not only does this pose feel amazing, but it can result in much needed gastrointestinal stimulation after a big meal.

Cow Face Pose

This deep stretch will help you digest that food and stretch out your abdomen.

Garland Pose

This pose will open you up and let gravity help you relieve some pain and let go of some built up gas.

Half-moon Pose

Not only does this pose help improve digestion it also strengthens your abdomen.

Happy baby

By creating space in your abdomen you will encourage food to move through your digestive system.

Seated Cat-Cow

Stretch out and contract your abdomen as you go through cat-cow and get that food moving through your digestive system.

Reclined Cobbler's Pose

This pose will help you relax and let your body focus on digesting all that food.

Supine Twist

This simple twist will help you relieve any built up gas from all the food you ate.

Wind Relieving Pose

Use this pose to massage those intestines and get that food moving through the digestive system.

Indulge yourself for the holidays and when the stomach pains start to get to you, use these yoga poses to ease them.

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