Life really hits you sometimes. Whether you're feeling sad, out of the blue, or have gone through a tough breakup, this is for you. Whether you're feeling down for a short period of time or a long period of time (although there's no proper measurement of your feelings because everyone is different as each situation is different), you should not let your negative feelings become part of your lifestyle.

There are and always WILL be a brighter side of things. There are amazing people around you and amazing resources, too! So keep your head held high and seek help if you need it; there's never shame in doing something amazing for yourself. Here are 25 ways to help you smile.

1. Listen to some sick tunes


Listen to some throwbacks (or to Drake's new album), and you could cry with the music if you really get into the feels and look out the window like you're in a dramatic music video… dance like no one is watching! 'Cause no one is (and if they are, they'll probably want to look away anyway, so don't worry)! Someone tell me if Kiki loves Drake.

2. Netflix and just chill


Start a new series or read a new book. Being in another world for a while truly takes your mind off for a while. Just relax, unwind. Chill dude.

3. Hug someone (or something)


It'll feel good. I promise. Let the oxytocin in and cortisol out.

4. Be your own hype man


Read some cheesy motivational quotes, look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you're a boss a** b*tch. Tricking yourself to feel better really works. Smile, laugh and be spontaneous. Be your own cheerleader!

5. Treat yourself


Indulge in your guilty pleasures, take a bath, go for a drive, or buy something. Seriously, you deserve it.

6. Look at the sky


... and let it consume you. Watch how the colors all blend in together in a sunrise or sunset. Maybe watch the dark night sky and look for stars (maybe you'll see a shooting star!), or look at the moon. Personally, it brings me comfort knowing that if I'm alone at that moment, another pair of eyes somewhere in the world is watching the same thing, or someone else is beginning or ending their day. Use your imagination and imagine what kind of lives other people live, or… just empty your mind. Silent company.

7. Be kind


What goes around comes around. If you do something nice for someone else, chances are, you'll feel better, too. One small act of kindness makes a huge impact. You might've made even their day, or at least made them feel better, too.

8. Cry


... or don't... if you're "not the type." It's valid. No matter big or small the situation, it affected you enough to make you some type of way. You're not "weak" if you let out some tears or allow yourself to feel emotions, you're human.

9. Break routine


Maybe you're sick of doing the same things over and over again because it became boring, or maybe it reminds you too much of what's causing you to feel down. Take a spontaneous trip downtown, or do something you haven't done in a while. Catch up with some old friends, or just give yourself a break.

10. ... or make a routine


Being busy and having some kind of order in your life will probably make you look forward to something. So set some goals and make some plans, it'll take your mind off of things for a while. Keeping yourself busy will give you that opportunity to move forward in your life and potentially move out of that bad feeling in the long run.

11. Talk to your friends


Tell them everything, and just let it all out. They'll listen or give their advice, and most of all, being around them will make you feel better. The more you hold it in, the worse it becomes. Everyone's threshold is different: some people may have a tiny mason jar and some may have an aquarium, but at some point, it reaches its capacity and bursts. Empty it out before it hits you out of the blue.

12. Talk to a family member


… if you feel like no one would be able to understand or if you're afraid of other people's judgments. Your family will always be straight up with you. Regardless of what you may think, they're the ones who want to be able to understand you the most. The thought of it may be super uncomfortable or it may feel awkward, but chances are, they probably went through something similar.

At the very least, they're there to listen, try to understand, and/or offer you some "surprisingly" amazing advice. After all, you're their mini-me! They love and treasure you so much even if they lead extremely busy lives or if they're not the "affection-showing" type. Your parents or siblings would do anything to fix whatever that hurts their little baby's heart. All you have to do is ask them to listen, and they will. Their warm embrace will always be opened for you.

13. Try something new


Learn how to cook! Paint yourself (or be painted)! Learn how to breakdance! Fall on your butt trying to skateboard! Invest your time in doing something new, fully immerse yourself in something you've always wanted to try, or do something you KNOW you're not good at. The worst that could happen is that you end up not liking it or you make a fool out of yourself. If you don't like it, then great, cross it off your list.

It's not a waste of time if you're finding things that you like/dislike. Who cares if you fail at something? At least you're trying and getting yourself out there and just having some fun. Maybe do it with friends so you could have someone to lean on.

14. Write


It's just you, a paper, and a pen/pencil. No one has to know: be your own outlet and just write your heart out. If you're too lazy, then just type it out. Again, don't hold it in. Work on your handwriting, mimic a different style, write a story, or focus on the clicking of the keys on your keyboard (writing this listicle improved my mood by 100%).

15. Sleep


Yeah, sometimes it's OK to hide from the world for a little. Sometimes, that's all you want to do. Sleep it off and maybe you'll feel better in the morning. Let your mind and body rest

16. ... but do something!


You can't hide forever. As much as you may want to do nothing and isolate yourself all day, nothing good will come out of being alone all the time. Eventually, if you don't do anything, you'll start to overthink or consume yourself with more negativity. Trust me, you'll be stuck in a cycle of miserable.

17. ... or do nothing


It's OK... SOMETIMES!!! Give yourself some time and space, be lazy for a little, but not for too long 'cause remember ^ ^ ^ (you can't hide forever).

18. Be active

Go outside and play flag football, some sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, the "night game," or hit the gym. It's almost like when you were younger and you'd just play with your neighbors and not give a second thought about anything else. You'll release a lot of feel-good hormones, let the energy run you, and then let it run you down so you can take that fat nap later. Be sweaty now, and then smell good later. You'll be more fit.

19. Clean...


... out the toxic people in your life, social media, email, or simply do some chores, and maybe you'll stumble on some old, happy memories and feel all nostalgic (and your parents will thank you for cleaning out that pig den of yours). It's pretty therapeutic!

20. Disconnect


... from social media or the TV. Go out and LIVE your life and stop watching other people's. Waiting for that text? Don't. Let them wait on you while you go do something amazing for yourself. You know how you tend to just *taptaptaptap* your way through other people's Instagram/Snapchat stories? They do that, too.

At the end of the day, people don't care! A like/comment/view from someone won't solve your problems. Go make some real moments and stories for yourself without worrying about what's behind a screen.

21. Reconnect


...with some old friends, your neighbors, or just talk to your family that's just down the hall or downstairs (they haven't seen you in ages)!

22. Reflect

Google Images

Really, just take some time to think about it. What can you do better as a person, and what could you do to avoid running into the same situation if you can?

23. Take care of yourself


Don't forget to EAT, drink water (don't dehydrate from crying), get in enough sleep, seek out help if you need it, do things that you love, and try to find the things and people that make you happy. This is so important.

24. Pray


1 Peter 5:7

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

25. And remember...


Being sad is sometimes uncontrollable, but staying sad is a choice. Smile, laugh, and go live your best life. You are NOT alone. You are surrounded by amazing people and amazing resources. What you're feeling right now is temporary.

A friend once told me, "It will be OK because it always ends up OK. Maybe it's just a matter of time, and you'll just have to wait it through," but trust me, it will be OK. You will feel yourself soon. Keep your head up and don't let other people or things keep knocking you down. You. Are. Amazing. Now go out there and play your part in the world :)