I'm sure you've seen all of those days on Instagram and Facebook where people celebrate their boyfriends using that oh so lovely hashtag (#nationalboyfriendday). Good news, there are more national days that you can and should be aware of!

Start celebrating my friends, these days are beautiful.

National Donut Day-June 2nd

This glorious day takes place on the first Friday of June each year.

National Writing Day- October 20th

Grab your journal, it's time to write your next novel.

National Dessert Day- October 14th


National Women's Day- August 9th 


National Men's Day- November 19th 

Ok men, this is your day!

National Dog Day- August 26th

Go hug your dog, right now.

National Cat Day- October 26th

Pet your cat today!

National Coffee Day- September 29th

YES, get that latte.

National Taco Day- October 4th

No, this is not always on a Taco Tuesday. Yes, you should still celebrate.

National Spicy Guacamole Day- November 14th

This is basically another excuse to purchase more tacos. Get some guac to go with them.

National Sock Day- December 4th

Grab some fuzzy socks, maybe some toe socks, maybe some normal socks. The choice is yours my friend and the options are endless.

National Brownie Day- December 8th

Bake some delicious brownies.

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day- December 16th

Strawberries? Yes, please.

National Penguin Day- January 20th

Ok, this is cute.

National Houseplant Appreciation Day- January 10th

Reminder: Go water your plants so you can appreciate them today!

National Puppy Day- March 23rd

What a beautiful day this is. Celebrate those tiny lil' pups today.

National Hot Chocolate Day- January 31st

Maybe even add some whipped cream to this delicious treat.

National Chocolate Milk Day- September 27th

I mean, who doesn't love chocolate milk.

National Burrito Day- April 5th

Yes, you should go get a burrito today.

National Oreo Cookie Day- March 6th

Oreo's and milk are a gift from heaven above.

National Brothers and Sisters Day- May 2nd

Hug your sibling a little tighter today!

National Friendship Day- August 7th

Give your friends some love on August 7th.

National Free Slurpee Day- July 11th

7/11 celebrates this day, as they should.

National Grilled Cheese Day- April 12th

Yes, please. Eat all the grilled cheese.

National Music Day- June 21st

Make a new playlist and go to a concert, this day is a great one.