Chocolate milk.

The only drink in the world that can make you feel better after a breakup, de-stress yourself from finals, and answer all of life's problems. Most of my friend's know by now, that if I'm ever sad, mad, depressed, happy, etc, they know what to do:

If you haven't read the sister article to this one, then go to that first and you'll enter the wonders that are chocolate milk utopia. It's a great place.

So after much begging and probing, I have decided to write another chocolate milk article. This one discussing ALL the different brands you can possibly buy, and which ones are the most aesthetic to you. Because are you really drinking chocolate milk in the shower if you haven't posted about it yet on your story?

1. Danzeisen Dairy

Local to Phoenix, and at the center of my heart. This beloved brand will attract you with their glass bottles and different kinds of chocolate milk. The chocolate milk was a 10/10 in my book, and even the strawberry - which is usually not my favorite - rocked my test and now I have a new appreciation for that cute pink drink.

2. Ronnybrook Farm

It could be that we found this chocolate milk nestled away in a little donut shop that served donuts that were anything but little, in the heart of New York City. Or it could be that these little gems are perfect for storing in your bag, as well as showcasing on Instagram right by your laptop on a nice white or marble table with the skyline behind it.

I will forever remember this chocolate milk from my trip to the Big Apple, and you can bet your $1 slices of pizzas that I will be running back to them when I next visit.

3. Shamrock

Bringing it back to the basics. My college sells this chocolate milk all over campus. Shamrock has been with me through finals stress, job stress, and practically everything stressful. And it's simple and cute design matches perfectly with any type of background. Take a photo of you pouring it into a cup, the bottle used as a vase, the chocolate milk in the shower (ALWAYS a winner), and you have yourself a Pinterest-worthy photo.

4. Straus

Every mommy blogger needs this chocolate milk in their life. Even if you're not a mommy blogger you also need this chocolate milk in your life. If you're ANYONE, you need this in your life. Just look at the cute bottle, frosted and cold, just ready to drink... it's beautiful.

And when you're done with the bottle just think of how cute an empty milk bottle will look against you're farmhouse walls, with flowers coming out or it just sitting there by itself. Joanna Gaine's would be proud.

5. Lewis Road Creamery

This chocolate milk is a perfect prop for any photo due to the cute bottle and the rave reviews of the brand. I have not actually tried it myself, due to it not being available near me, but I hope someday I will be able to try this aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.

And those are the top 5 chocolate milk brands that are beautiful to the touch and taste even better. So this is me, practically shoving everything chocolate milk down your throats - or so it probably feels like. But you'll thank me eventually.