When I first started writing for the odyssey a year and a half ago, I never expected how difficult it would be to write sometimes, especially when I have writer’s block. Too often it will take me too long to come up with an idea for an article or not know what to say. For all my fellow writers, here are some ways to conquer writers block

1. Go for a walk/exercise

Getting your blood flowing can help clear your mind.

2. Change your environment

Instead of writing at your desk go to a coffee shop or a library. A new place might trigger some new thoughts or ideas.

3. Free Write

Freewriting is the exercise of writing for a particular amount of time without any thought. Whatever comes to mind you write down.

4. Do another activity

Exercise, color, finish a homework assignment. Sometimes taking a break from your writing helps you come back fresh.

5. Eliminate any distractions you might have

Be aware of your surroundings, if there is something hindering you from concentrating, eliminate it or move somewhere else.

6. Read what you have out loud

Sometimes hearing or talking out loud sometimes helps you express what you want to say.

7. Make some coffee

Fuel yourself with some brain food. Caffeine and peppermint can help with concentration.

8. Read a book, newspaper, etc.

Most of my odyssey articles are based off of things around me. It’s a good way to find an idea for an article or paper.

Good luck with writing guys! Just remember you got this!