Worry Quadrilogy: Poems
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Health and Wellness

Worry Quadrilogy: Poems

Four Poems About Worrying and Conquering It

Worry Quadrilogy: Poems
Returning to Oneness

1. Having Trouble Finding Something to Read

At the library

I keep browsing

For something

To inspire me.

I am having trouble finding something good.

I’m not feeling as creatively productive as I could.

I read them on my bed

Waiting for a spark

So I can make my mark

But everything in my head

Is kept in the dark.

I keep waiting for the fairies in the stories

To wave their magic wand

To grant me publishing glories.

I cannot go beyond

When I keep my face

In the comfortably uncomfortable sunken place.

2. I'm Tired of Worrying

I’m tired of worrying!

I’m tired of worrying about writing,

About publishing,

About following self-help books correctly,

If my love and I will end up happily,

About my belly,

About my nutrition,

And digestion.

I wish some being would fly down and say

All of your troubles will go away!

I wish all of my troubles

Would just pop like bathtub bubbles!

3. My Muscles are No Longer Tense

My muscles are no longer tense

Everything makes sense

Because I decided not to obsess

Over my stress.

It is something human we all experience

However unhealthy in overindulgence.

I am not forcing my stomach muscles to digest.

I am leaving them free to do their best.

I am not forcing my brain cells to win the creative race.

I am letting them work at their own pace.

I am not cold!
I am bold!

I do not need to suffocate myself in sweaters

To escape from fears and stressors.

I am going to show the world who I am

Without giving a damn.

4. Evaluation of My Mental Health Verses

What if these mental health verses

Are not an end to old curses?

What if writing verse after verse

Will just make things worse?

What if my real-life applications

Don’t correlate with my words of inspiration?

Not living up to my poetry

Would be hypocrisy.

For actions speak louder than words

According to Pinterest blurbs.

Maybe I don’t have to be perfect.

Maybe I can just fake it till I make it.

I don’t have to be perfect.

I can fake it till I make it.

I WILL fake it till I make it.

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