Working Out Is A Major Key To Relaxation
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Working Out Is A Major Key To Relaxation

Take your mind body and soul for a relaxation trip

Working Out Is A Major Key To Relaxation

We all hear our parents, our doctors and everyone else say you must work out. Working out is healthy and keeps you physically fit. Working out keeps your body moving and off the couch. What they are not mentioning is that working out is a major form of relaxation. I know myself personally when I set my alarm at night to wake up and go to the gym early in the morning relation is the furthest thing from my mind. I have learned along the years that working out is more than dreading going to the gym, more than something to do to lose weight, more than a smelly training session.

It is a workout for the mind, body, and soul. When you go the gym you experience a lot of different emotions in that short 1 hour period. You can experience pain, tiredness, hunger, happiness and anger all in one. But what we are not realizing is the end result. The end result of that painful, sweaty, unpleasant work out is relaxation. I dread going to the gym, I dread the car ride there, and I dread the whole entire workout. That is until I am walking out of the gym feeling more relaxed than ever, feeling happy and happy with myself. That feeling is something that cannot be beaten. I have found that on the days I work out I am much happier, energetic and full of joy than on the days I do not. There are days where you think it is impossible to push yourself to go to the gym but it is not. So remember on the days you are dreading that work out think about the end result, think about the energy, the joy and the relaxation you will feel walking out of that gym, ending that run or coming to a slow cool down walk. Remember at the end your mind, body and soul will all be thanking you. On the days you aren’t feeling so relaxed during your work out here are some exercise to try!


Yoga is all about your breathing, finding your inner self. Though yoga is not as tiring of a work out as some would like. It is a key factor to a healthy lifestyle. It brings your body and soul back to center. Through the mediating techniques, the soft music, and the deep stretches you will leave feeling better than ever.


Although yoga and hot yoga are very similar they do have different effects on the body. Both work on finding your inner self and breathing, but hot yoga is cleansing. Hot yoga cleanses the soul and mind by getting rid of any toxins in your body. You are sweating and truly finding your inner self.


Like yoga and hot yoga, yin yoga is very similar but in a very different way. In yin yoga, you are holding on to positions longer and truly getting a deep stretch. You are training your body to be at peace. Yin works on your connective tissue to send the openings through your whole body. Yin is a time to let all of your emotions free. During yin you are clearing the mind and making room for any suppressed emotions. It is healthy and cleansing to let those emotions free. You will leave feeling cleansed of any hidden emotions.

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