If you've worked retail before, you know what I'm talking about. If you currently work in retail, I stand with you. If you've never worked in retail, bless your soul. This is just a small list of the things you can relate to if you work retail, and don't even get me started on Black Friday.

1. When that table of clothing you just spent the last 25 minutes folding is demolished in 25 seconds

2. When a customer is rude to you then needs your help 10 minutes later

3. When you hear a customer say "it's alright they get paid to clean it up"

4. When a customer finds out that one of their items is $0.11 more than what they expected

5. When a customer is persistent that you check the back

6. When the store closes at 10 and a group of customers walk in at 9:58

7. When customers make Dad jokes about things being free

8. When a customer says they want to speak to the manager and the manager tells them exactly what you said

9. When a customer tries on everything in the store and leaves without buying anything

10. When a difficult customer finally leaves

11. When a customer calls the store and gives you their life story before getting to the point of the call

12. When your manager is nice to you in front of customers

13. When you clock out for your break and a customer is approaching you

14. When there is nothing to do and your manager is walking by

15. When customers try to return something that has clearly been worn

16. When you've explained the promotions 1,001 times and customers still don't understand

17. When your boss asks if you can stay longer

18. When you're on go-backs the day after floor set

19. When you take the shirt off the mannequin and then the customer decides not to buy it

20. When you're doing a stock check and completely forget what size you're looking for

21. When you're walking through the parking garage at 1AM and it feels too much like a horror movie