If you ever have or currently work in retail, then you have probably developed a distinct disdain for people. If this is you, then this listicle is specially made for you. Have fun convincing yourself to get back on the floor after reading this one on your break.

1. When the store hasn't even opened yet but there is someone knocking on the doors and yelling "are you open?"

2. When someone comes in with an item purchased seven years ago that is broken and they think they're going to exchange it for a new one.

3. When a customer asks to speak to your manager but you are the manager.

4. When you go to clear out a dressing room and all of the clothes are hung on their hangers inside out.

5. When someone tries to bargain a price with you.

6. When you put the setting on Pandora that keeps explicit lyrics off of your playlist but somehow a super inappropriate song comes on when you're busy with a customer and can't change the song.

7. When a customer straight up calls your merchandise ugly to your face.

8. When there is some sort rain or snow storm and hours go by without a soul of a customer insight.

9. When a customer asks for a specific item, which you happen not to have, and then they ask you 'Why not?'

10. When a customer asks 'Do you work here?'

11. When you spend all of your energy on a display and someone comes and messes it all up, not even a minute later.

12. When you ask a customer 'How are you today?' and their immediate response is 'Just looking.'

13. When you're understaffed but the store is lit.

14. When the store is super slow and the manager asks if anyone would like to be cut.

15. When there are ten minutes till closing and a customer decides to 'just poke their head in.'

16. When you get off after a whole shift of Christmas music.

17. When a customer says 'I will never be coming back here to spend my money.'

18. The 'If there's no price tag then it's free, right?'

19. When a customer gives you change after you've already entered the original amount they gave you into the register.

20. 'Would you like your receipt with you or in the bag?' 'Yes.'

21. When a customer decides to make a phone call right as they begin to check out with you.

22. Those shifts when the whole crew is scheduled.