This seems obvious, but I just feel the need to put it out there. I’m decently new to the world of watching sports and actually enjoying them, but I’m not new to the world of empowering women. As someone who hasn’t been entirely raised on sports, I find myself to be continuously shocked by the lack of representation and support of women’s sports in the media.

This has recently been on my mind because of March Madness. I know it ended a couple weeks ago, and I know we all miss obsessively checking brackets and trash talking our loved ones, but I personally don’t miss the overshadowing of the women’s bracket. It’s not a secret that this past year was one of the weirdest tournaments in men’s college basketball history, but it was one of the most amazing tournaments for the women.

Notre Dame ended up winning the whole tournament (which was shocking enough seeing as UConn was predicted to win), but that wasn’t even the best part. In both their Final Four game and the championship game, they came out victorious with a buzzer beater by the same woman, Arike Ogunbowale. That’s some crazy awesome girl power if I’ve ever seen it. Also, our own women’s basketball team here at the University of Oregon dominated the tournament as well. I saw Sabrina Ionescu at the bars on Saturday night, and I literally had to control myself from fainting in the presence of an inspirational boss lady.

I continue to find myself frustrated with this lack of female representation in all forms of media, but specifically with sports. There is no reason for this to be such a male-dominated sector of life, especially when there are women in sports who are consistently beating records set by men all throughout history. Take Serena Williams, for example. Not only is she the best women’s tennis player of all time, she’s just the best tennis player of all time. Period. No gender attached.

When it comes down to it, women can hang in a male-dominated field. Sports aren’t just about boys being boys, sports are about amazing athletic ability that deserves to be seen. Women aren’t discounted from this by any means, so let’s change the game. Women deserve much more respect in the sports industry.