Wiz Khalifa's 'Hopeless Romantic' Perfectly Describes Dating Today
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'Hopeless Romantic' Perfectly Defines The Mess That Is Dating In 2018

Wiz Khalifa and Swae Lee couldn't have sung it any better.

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What even is dating these days? Guy and girl catch feelings, but one is still hooked on their ex while the other is finally ready to open up again. One might expect relationship things but never expects to put a label on it.

The best way to put it is that dating in 2018 is f***ed up.

I just saw Wiz Khalifa perform "Hopeless Romantic" at his Dazed and Blazed Tour (highly recommend, 10/10 experience) and it made me do some thinking about dating, which I have yet to get back into. The lyrics of the song explain the thought process of so many guys and gals everywhere when it comes to dating, and I'm going to show you just how through specific lyrics.

"Night goes into morning, all the time, and through my phone I'm scrolling, bang my line"

This generation is SO absorbed in their phones and social media. We meet people through apps more than we do in real life. It goes down in the DM or a swipe right, and it's all too superficial. We scroll through potential matches the way we scroll through Instagram pictures before bed, mindlessly and without any real intent. Communication is strictly through text, not much calling is done. FaceTime helps counteract this, but its real face time we're missing out on. Some people will always message you at night because they're lonely. While it's nice to get their attention, it's not the kind you deserve and you know it. Be the 8 A.M. "good morning" text, not the 11 P.M. "are you up?" one.

"Off that drink it's hard to focus (focus)"

We have to get sloppy drunk just to muster up the courage to talk to that cutie at the party or message a Tinder match something risky. However, if we get rejected, it's more of a reason to drink and avoid facing rejection in the face. It's easier to laugh something off when you're drunk, but when you're sober, you're forced to face your feelings. My generation struggles with real communication and processing of feelings, and feel as though we cannot be our true selves sometimes due to seeing those "it" people, who tend to be particularly judgemental. The second and more muted way Lee says "focus" calls for us to focus on ourselves and what we want.

"Seems like I'm always chosen by romantics that are hopeless"

Happens to me all the time. I happen to be a hopeless romantic myself, despite all the hurt I've been through recently. We think we found what we've been hoping for, just to find out they aren't willing to put a label on it, or they're too hung up on an ex to date someone else, or won't put their focus onto you, and never want make you the priority you know you are. They cannot offer us the moon and the stars, because they're too busy keeping them to themselves. We all deserve to be hopelessly romantic with someone that gives it right back to us. The right people somehow end up with the wrong ones, until one day their back luck turns to good.

"I might just do you like we lovin', yeah or make you my numero uno"

Friends with benefits is a relationship far too many people of my generation fall into. It's an almost relationship and those are heart-wrenching in the end because it doesn't last and blossom into a real, labeled relationship. You may not be THE girl or guy to change the commitment-phobe, and ultimately you'll leave them knowing what you want, and what you don't want, and you won't be afraid to be picky. We all want to be numero uno to someone, that's the goal after all, and it will happen as it's fated to. Everyone deserves loyalty and to be elevated to girlfriend or boyfriend status and nothing less.

"Don't talk to me about your ex you know I'm that times two"

I can't stress this enough. WHY ARE WE SO HUNG UP ON OUR EX'S?? I was, but I move on fast from old relationships because dwelling on someone who is not giving you a second thought is such a waste of your beautiful soul. We may find it hard at first to live a day without thinking of them, but slowly, we forget and grow to see the day as ours alone, without their shadow lurking. We have to stop letting our ex's get the better of us. Move on. There is someone way better in every which was possible out there just waiting to meet someone like you.

"Making a mess and cleaning it up when we done"

Speaking of messes. Stop this messy hooking up with a guy with a girlfriend, or letting a girl with a boyfriend cross that line when it comes to those flirty snaps she's sending you. People have become so good at sneaking around, whether it's in a friendship or with a significant other. People have perfected the art of being fake, myself included because we don't want the stress of ending a toxic relationship. Things can be said and done and swept under the rug just to keep face. Let's air our dirty laundry and be real people.

Songs are poetry whether we sit there and realize it or not. They comment on real things, and "Hopeless Romantic" comments on modern dating in the perfect way.

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