If College Majors Were Winter Olympic Sports
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If College Majors Were Winter Olympic Sports

Because college itself is an Olympic sport.

If College Majors Were Winter Olympic Sports
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The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing, and while a lot of college kids don't have the time or cable to watch the Olympics, I like to think college is an Olympic sport in itself. At the end of the day, every major deserves a gold medal.

Cross Country Skiing: English

The only thing longer than a Cross Country Ski trek? An English major’s 25-page paper due Monday. This is a slow, tedious, sometimes uphill event, and so is citing references from ten different scholarly articles, five of which have to be primary sources.

Figure Skating: Theatre

This is an obvious one. Figure Skating lives and breathes the dramatics, and so do our beloved theatre majors. Any mistake they make, they push on and finish the performance because “the show must go on.”

Alpine Skiing: Math

You won't catch anyone doing "pizzas" with their skis from this group. Alpine Skiing is all about the speed, and so are math majors. They'll have your entire proof worked out for your calculus homework worked out before you can blink.

Biathlon: Chemical Engineering

This sport combines skiing and shooting, both of which are incredibly hard on their own. Similarly, chemical engineering has the audacity to combine math AND science? Always both impressed and confused as to why anyone would put themselves through that.

Bob Sledding: Nursing

Nursing majors and Bob Sledders are always on a slippery, steep slope. To keep themselves sane, they always travel in tight squads. Where there’s one nursing major up late in the library, you better believe there’s two more on a coffee run, and another getting more flashcards.

Freestyle Skiing: Physics

There is very little margin of error for freestyle skiers or for physics majors. One too sharp a turn and you end up flat on your face: just like doing a single physics problem.

Ice Hockey: Political Science

Political Science majors are always right. Or at least they think they are. They love getting into heated debates and fighting it out just as much as any Ice Hockey player.

Curling: Communication

This is the sport that you have to google the name because you always forget it exists. Every Olympics, Curling has everyone wondering, “Why are people doing this?? Is this even necessary?” You’d be lying if you said that same thought hasn’t crossed your minds about communication majors once or twice.

Luge: Computer Science

Much like the luge, in this major, you are riding solo. You all are a rare breed and are content to do things on your own, which is good because literally no one else knows or wants to do computer programming.

Snowboarding: Finance or Business Management

This sport screams macho Frat Star, and so do Business majors. You and I both know every frat guy secretly wants to be Shaun White and be able to say things like, "That was SICK, bro."

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