Why You Should Start Your Health New Years Resolutions Now

This time of year is crazy. We all know this. We dream of the New Year, where anything is possible. We make promises to ourselves about all the things we will do next year to make our lives that much better. With this, of COURSE, comes the obligatory health-conscious New Year's Resolution that we swear we will stick with.

I offer a new thought. Start that thang now. Here's why.

Make It A Habit Sooner

Habits can be hard to acquire if it isn't something you naturally do. If you have a health goal for 2017, it may take you a while before it is a habit! They say it takes 21 experiences to make something a habit. You might as well start now and...

Work Your Way Up

When people start new New Year's Health Resolutions, they tend to go crazy right off the bat. This leads to people going to extremes to get the results they expect, and eventually, to giving up the resolution altogether.

The Sooner The Better

The sooner you start any health habit, the better you will start to feel! The more the habit is in your system, the more you accept it, and the happier you will be!

Look Fly For The Holiday Parties

We must admit, this time of year is prime for parties and get-togethers. You run into literally everyone in your life from all your different social groups. Why not start working on your level of healthiness now, so that when you attend whatever social gatherings you have on your calendar, you know that you are on your own personal path to success!

Work Out As A Coping Mechanism

The holiday season can be the literal worst for one's stress or anxiety levels. Instead of letting this get you down, start that new workout regimen you were going to try in 2017 now! It will distract from the holiday craziness, I promise.

Avoid The Post-Holiday Slump

Don't let the holidays drain everything out of you so that when 2017 FINALLY comes, you have no energy left to follow through with that resolution you *swore* you would do. Start now to reduce the level of slumpy-ness you will feel, and so you can...

Make Up For The Final Drinks & Treats Of 2016

After the holidays, it can be hard to get back on the health grind after letting yourself enjoy the eggnog and cookies. Oh, and let's not forget about all of those holiday parties where you may have a glass or 10 of that wine. Trust me, I love that pie as much as you do. BUT, I enjoy it so much more after a butt-kicking workout!

Go forth and START!

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