Why You Should Join The Tone It Up Team!

What is Tone It Up?

TIU is a California-based, multi-million dollar brand, founded by Karena and Katrina. Sound familiar? You may have spotted them in Shape, Self, Seventeen, People, or Women’s Health, just to name a few. With over 30 million views on their youtube videos, and nearly 650k followers on Instagram, these ladies are not new to the fitness scene. They’ve built an online community of women that are dedicated to living their healthiest lives. With a Nutrition Plan, numerous fitness dvds, a youtube channel, website, and annual challenges- TIU is one of the fastest growing fitness empires of today.

My TIU Story:

I stumbled across TIU one day when I was perusing Pinterest when I was fourteen. Although I was thin, I didn’t know much about nutrition, and I never worked out. Thanks to Karena & Katrina, all of that changed.I fell in love with TIU, and I purchased the nutrition plan two years later. I own the workout dvds, the protein powder, and the apparel. I participate in all of the TIU challenges, and I have a fitness Instagram that I document it all on. I’m a TIU girl through and through- and today I’m here to tell you why it’s so amazing. Here’s a few reasons why you should join TIU

It’s about being strong, not skinny.

TIU has always promoted health and happiness, not losing a bunch of weight quickly. That’s what initially drew me into TIU. I saw these transformation stories of beautiful women, of all body types, who ended up feeling so confident in themselves.

You will make so many amazing friends.

The community is hands down what makes TIU so special. I initially started with a personal Instagram, and a fitness Instagram, but now I’m only on my fitness one, because I love the community so much! I’ve met so many inspiring women through it, and the best part, is that each city has its own community! There are hashtags by state and city, with groups in each one. There are all sorts of meet-ups and events that are constantly going on, so it’s easy to make friends in the TIU community.

The positivity and encouragement is through the roof.

I have never met such a lively, happy, supportive group of people in my life! Even just the online presence is incredible. If you go to scroll through #TIUteam, you’ll find thousands of photos of smiling, sweaty women drinking their smoothies, eating their salads, and going on runs.

You will feel so wonderful.

The confidence and happiness that I’ve found with Tone It Up is so amazing. I may have found TIU by accident, but it was the best accident of my life. It’s been over five years since I first discovered them, and they continue to be one of the biggest influences in my life. Because of TIU I ran a Rugged Maniac 5K this year. Because of TIU I’ve tried new workouts, tried new foods, and reached out to new TIU friends on social media. TIU is the gift that keeps on giving.

It will spill over into every area of your life.

There is no way to keep the blessings of TIU from showing up in every other area of your life. I live in workout clothes these days, because I’m always active. I’m always talking about TIU, checking-in with TIU on Instagram, and watching TIU videos. Thanks to my Instagram (and me constantly talking about it) all my friends know about Tone It Up.

It will change your taste buds.

The TIU Nutrition Plan is a real game changer. I used to never eat veggies, but fill up on sugar and carbs instead. Now, I can’t eat enough kale, I never turn down a salad bar, and I love green juice. I can’t get enough kombucha, sweet potatoes, or quinoa. I live for the mornings that I get to make the coveted TIU protein pancakes, because I know that they are delicious & nutritious! It’s funny how much your taste buds can change. People never think that they can love “healthy food”, but all you have to do is give it a try.

You will push yourself in ways that you never thought possible.

I’ve faced and overcome so many physical and mental challenges. I love that TIU pushes me out of my comfort zone, and makes me face obstacles head on.

Why am I talking about this right now? Because the TIU 31 Day Challenge kicks off NEXT week, for the month of October! TIU challenges are like one giant party. It’s going to be 31 days of new recipes, new workouts, lots of check-ins, meet-ups, and a whole lot of energy! To join, just go to ToneItUp.com and enter your email address. This is going to be an amazing challenge, so you don’t want to miss out!

To keep up with my TIU girl antics, and crazy day-to-day life, you can follow me on Instagram @em_tonedup.

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