Why I Want to be a Successful Business Woman

Why I Want to be a Successful Business Woman

In a field dominated by men, I am more determined than ever to succeed


The other day, I was thinking about my major (double majors, I mean). Right now, I am double majoring in International business and marketing with a minor in Chinese. I currently have two of the most common majors you will hear: business and marketing. I spend most of my time in our school of business and entrepreneurship at NCC (it’s basically my second home).

Last term, I was taking a class called Business and society, which is an introduction to business and the role it plays in our society. One day, my professor pointed out that there were only ten girls in our class, with about twenty guys. We talked about how a majority of successful companies have top management run by men. That got me thinking. Why do I want my future career to be in the business world which is dominated by men? Two big reasons.

I am a woman. Many times, nowadays, it seems like very few businesses and top management are run by a woman. I would like to change that. I want to prove that yes, our history has shown that men are dominant in this aspect, but a woman can also run a business or be in a top management position alongside her colleagues, who happen to be men. However, we may have this stigma, where some people may think that women cannot have a top management position or cannot be dominant in the business world, which I disagree with. I believe that women can do anything men can do, and it all comes down to the mindset.

I am a minority. I am Asian-American and I am proud of it. I want to be in the business world because of the low representation of my culture in the U.S. businesses. Growing up, I never saw very many woman, who were Chinese American, in top management of businesses, because it was usually men. For me, it’s important to have a role model growing up, and it helps if you see one on television who is just like you. It shows that yes, this is possible, and I can do this.

In a business world, that is full of men, is a little intimidating, but I am not going to let it stop me. Yes, men dominate in this certain career field. However, it will make me work even harder every day, because I want to represent women and my culture.

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