There are plenty of people who would laugh at the notion that pet ownership is anything like parenting a "real" child. These individuals likely view pets as animals that are simply domesticated for companionship and could never love, learn, understand, or act like a child. These ideas put pet owners and non-pet owners on opposite ends of the spectrum. To a pet parent, their animal is actually a fur baby. Despite the differences in species, we humans truly see these little creatures as our adopted children. We take care of them, give them love and affection, take them to the vet when they are sick, take them out to play, comfort them when they are scared, develop an unspoken language, get upset at anyone who mistreats them, mourn their loss deeply, and celebrate their existence through various expressions of love. Call me crazy but there are plenty of human parents who don't do half as much for their human children. I firmly believe that pet owners are parents too and here's why:

1. You have to clean up after them

2. Taking trips with or without them is complicated

3. You love to dress them up

4. Separation anxiety is real

5. You regularly talk to the other pet parents at the dog park

7. There’s a whole routine for bath time

8. You are the sole coordinator of play dates, vet visits, and (pet) supermarket shopping

9. Celebrating their birthday is fun

10. You love your fur baby more than anything