Why It's Important to Admit You Need Help

Image this: You have been bottling up your feelings for months, ignoring any sense that you may actually be upset or feeling off. You begin to break down and your break downs become more often, instead of having moments once every couple of weeks it becomes a couples of times in one week. You can't focus on anything no matter how much you try. You feel like sleeping and ignoring everything you have to do but you know you can't because you have to make your family proud so the stress of that adds to the feelings that have been controlling how you've been feeling lately.

Should you ask for help?

I'm sure people will say yes, but it's not always that easy especially when you're in that situation.

There's a stigma against asking for help even when you desperately need it.

Why is there a stigma against asking for help?

There are many reason why people are afraid to admit they need help. One reason why people are afraid is that they may be seen as weak because admitting you need help means you cannot handle yourself. Another reason why people don't want to admit they need is because they haven't admitted to themselves there is a problem.

Admitting you need help doesn't mean your weak. It actually means the opposite. You are strong enough to understand you could someone else to lean on every once in a while. Never think you aren't strong because you talk to someone about what you're going through.

Some people are also afraid to admit they need help because don't feel like they could find someone they could trust enough to share everything that they are going through. But getting help doesn't mean it has to be someone in professional setting. It could be a friend or a family member that you talk to.

Why is it important to admit you need help?

This is the biggest question when thinking about the state of your mental health.

Admitting you need help isn't a bad thing.

Admitting you need help is telling yourself you don't want to feel the way you have been anymore. You told yourself that this is the end of feeling so low.

Admitting you need help will help you become the person you want to be and the person you have been working hard to be.

Admitting you need help is a big step in making yourself better for you because you should be the best you can be.

Admitting you need help is important because worrying about yourself is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind and soul.

It isn't about what you're going through or how long it took you to admit that you cannot do it yourself, but rather you are finally doing something good for yourself. Worrying about you and your mental health is the number one most important thing that you should always be doing. Don't be afraid to tell someone about what's going on with you because anyone could be a listening ear or a little bit of help somehow.

And I admit it, I need help.

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