Love: this is something that everyone in this world wants to find before getting "too old." However, while being in love is something amazing and inexplicable, it is so much more important to find your independence before anything else. There is a stigma that most younger adults feel, and that is that need to be in love by the age of 25. But, what most don't understand is that everyone finds love when they are ready. Everyone finds love at different ages. And most importantly, everyone SHOULD find love when they are able to love and depend on themselves.

Entering college, I had the mindset that I needed to make eyes with the cute boy across from me in class and eventually establish a relationship with him. Boy, was I so wrong. Once I got punched in the face with all the schoolwork college gives you, I realized much sooner than later that I needed to make time for me before even thinking about approaching that cute boy. Between making lists and schedules of when I would be able to complete my work, I felt like I could not even breathe. So, the thought of being tied down to someone made me feel super anxious. Though during this time, I had an epiphany: why stress myself out trying to find love when I am already stressed out about handing in assignments on time and studying for tests?!

Now, if you're someone who is in a happy relationship and juggling a hefty amount of schoolwork simultaneously, kudos to you! I wish I had the capacity to be able to do the same. But, I learned to find happiness within myself knowing that I can confidently admit that I am able to live an independent life without dwelling not being in a relationship.

So, you ask why it is important to find your independence before finding love? I'll tell you why: It is important because you can then live on your own, and when you finally find love, they are complementing your lifestyle rather than being your only reason for happiness. It is important because you are able to conquer the world independently, and then you can find your perfect side-kick later. It is important because you can find what brings you happiness and then later share that with someone who you care about. It is important because you should love yourself before someone else loves you, so when you finally find that love, your partner will only enhance that feeling. And lastly, it is important because there is only one you, so you need to know what makes you smile so your significant other could make that smile even bigger!