In the most recent poll released by Quinnipiac, Donald Trump is shown to lead the 17 candidates running to be the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States. The latest poll shows Trump leading the way with 28 percent of registered voters saying that they would vote for him if elections were held today. The candidate following closest behind Trump is neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 12 percent of registered voters, followed by the man who was presumed to win the nomination for the Republican Party, Jeb Bush, who gathered only 7 percent.

Donald Trump displays and represents many negative aspects of America. The following are the top three reasons why I find the continued success of Donald Trump's candidacy to be both appalling and bad for the United States as a whole.

1. Donald Trump is divisive.

In a time where the United States is divided so strongly along political lines, a Donald Trump candidacy will do absolutely nothing to try to heal the schism that has been enveloping America. Trump has been feeding off this divide in building his lead in the polls, further dividing this country. When two ex-convicts beat up a Hispanic homeless man and reference Donald Trump's policies as the reason, there is a problem. Trump's immigration policies would result in over 10 million people being deported and these policies should remind people of the atrocities that were on the brink of occurring in the Dominican Republic earlier this year.

2. Donald Trump is a misogynist.

Yes, the above is actually a tweet from a person running to be President of the most powerful nation in the world. And who can forget Donald Trump saying - in reference to Megyn Kelly -- "she had blood coming out of her wherever." During the first GOP Presidential Debate, Kelly also made the country aware that Trump had in the past called women, "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." Kelly also reminded us that Trump had once told a contestant on The Apprentice that she "would look better on her knees". It is disgusting that a man running for President would use language like that in reference to women. Trump has also called Planned Parenthood an abortion factory.

3. Donald Trump is hands down just not Presidential.

As President of the United States, Donald Trump would be held to a higher standard than anyone else in the country. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, he has given absolutely no indication that he is able to act Presidential. He is not Presidential in his interactions with the media -- such as Megyn Kelly. He is not Presidential in his interactions with fellow candidates - such as trying to start a Twitter battle with fellow candidate, Scott Walker. Donald Trump is not Presidential in comments made about foreign countries, such as those made towards the country of Mexico. Donald Trump is just not presidential.

Donald Trump as President would quite likely spell disaster for the United States of America. Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. Donald Trump does not believe that Senator John McCain should be considered a war hero despite never serving in the army himself. Donald Trump would seemingly prove to be a disaster with diplomacy, ruining any progress the country has made in the Middle East. There is a difference between opposing too much political correctness and being racist and sexist. Trump's actions and policies fall more so along the lines of racism and sexism than American nationalism. The sooner Republican voters realize this, the better. If Donald Trump becomes the GOP's nominee for President, it may very well spell the end for the Republican Party in modern day politics.