I Will Never Give Up Social Media

Every day I will scroll through Instagram and Twitter and see people saying things like "I am giving up social media to focus more on myself," which is not a bad thing and I understand it, but it is just something I will never do.

Just like everyone else in the world, at least every other young adult, I get heavily distracted by social media and often scroll on Instagram for hours instead of doing something productive. However, I still will never do the ever-popular "social media cleanse." There is an extremely negative energy associated with social media in the world today and this often causes people to overlook the extreme opportunity that social media brings all types of people. Through Instagram, we are able to upload pictures and express ourselves with very few limitations.

Through Twitter, we are able to literally — within reason to say whatever we want and form a portfolio of our personalities based on things we enjoy. The downfall for many comes when they fail to consider how permanent these things are and how much the things they post can affect others. On the other hand, the boundless area that is social media can be such an important asset in gaining success in whatever field chosen.

Also, it is just fun.

For me, social media allows me to take a moment and just enjoy seeing what other people are doing, talking about, and keep up with things going on in the world. There is immediate access to nearly any information, news, trends, music, basically anything you could need through all the social media platforms that are now available. I love seeing my friends enjoying different experiences and being present in their lives. Social media brings a great sense of connection, even when you feel far apart from everyone in your life.

When used in a positive way, social media can be the great thing that it was intended to be. Through social media, you can begin to create the life that you want, while enjoying the journey of others as well. It is a fun tool that creates endless networks that connect people of all backgrounds and interest, and that is the beauty in it. It may be distracting, but it can be extremely beneficial.

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