Ah, the age-old debate of cat vs. dog. I grew up with both. So while many people prefer dogs over cats, there are pros and cons to each. However, I believe that cats are a great first choice for a starter pet if you want a bigger furry friend without cleaning cages or if you want a pet without the time commitment. While I'm only writing about cats today, that does not mean that I don't love a good doggo when I see one!

1. They are independent 

They are independent. If you want a pet that doesn't require a lot of attention, then a cat is a great choice for you! Cats are independent by nature, so they might not even notice if you're gone!

2. They clean themselves 

Dogs require constant bathing, and that can get real annoying in the winter time. Cats are self-cleaning! They don't like water unless it's for drinking, though. If you want a kitten, be prepared for high-pitched mews when you give them a flea bath (if needed).

3. Pest control 

Why spend money when you can just get your cat used to the outdoors and let them do it? Cats can take care of rodents and other small animals you find annoying.

4. Entertainment 

I could sit and play with my cats for hours. Anything that sound like toy bells is a MUST have in a house with cats.

5. Minimal effort 

You cat will most likely sleep a lot, so you can chill and do whatever if you don't feel like giving your cat attention right now. They don't care!

6. Cat nudges 

Cats can be VERY affectionate animals when they want. Petting a cat while it's purring can even help you de-stress!

So while the litter box may smell and those "gifts" outside your front door may be annoying, cats are generally easy creatures to deal with. With all the negative opinions about cats, people are discouraged to get them, especially deformed or darker cats. However, cats are willing to be your very best friend if given the chance!