Why Froyo Is Better Than Ice Cream
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Why Froyo Is Better Than Ice Cream

Froyo vs. ice cream: the most important debate of 2016.

Why Froyo Is Better Than Ice Cream

When looking for a place to get dessert, there are really only two options: frozen yogurt or ice cream. Sure, there are plenty of other “frozen” forms of dessert like a snow cone or Italian ice, but those are rarely available year-round. It truly comes down to frozen yogurt or ice cream. The debate has existed for as long as time itself. Or, at least, for as long as desserts have existed (which very well could date back to the beginning of time, but I am not exactly sure — a quick Google search of “prehistoric desserts” only brought up pictures of cookies shaped like dinosaurs).

Usually, people will choose one over the other just based on preference, but what about the logistics of it all? Is it really fair to say one is superior? I say yes: frozen yogurt is far superior.

First off, it is just flat-out “healthier.” Of course, both are packed with sugar and definitely would not be found on a list of healthiest foods, but frozen yogurt lacks the calories and fat that ice cream carries with each scoop. That’s not to say there aren’t low-calorie or low-fat ice cream options, but frozen yogurt takes it a step further and automatically comes without.

Also, frozen yogurt is packed with probiotics, which are essential for digestion. Fill up a small cup, top it with strawberries instead of mini M&Ms, and almonds instead of chocolate sauce, and you’ve got something far better than a few scoops of Ben & Jerry’s.

Most importantly, frozen yogurt is just more fun. Picture this: you walk into Orange Leaf or Red Mango or Pinkberry or Brown Banana or whatever your local frozen yogurt place is called, see 20 different flavors to choose from, pick your three favorites, mix them all together, load up all your favorite toppings, get a cool spoon, and then sit down in some futuristic chair, and go to town (I just described a perfect Friday night).

Doesn’t that sound a million times better than just walking up to the cashier and saying, “One plain ol’ boring scoop of vanilla please,” and then sitting down at some sticky table with children throwing a temper tantrum at their parents because they asked for two cherries instead of three.

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