Why Donald Trump Is Not Qualified To Be President
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Why Donald Trump Is Not Qualified To Be President

Make America great again, or make America hate again?

Why Donald Trump Is Not Qualified To Be President

As we all know, Donald Trump is the big talk of the elections. Some believe he should be president, while others, like myself, think he is not the right choice. Although, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here are some reasons I believe Donald Trump should not be elected.

1. He is making a joke out of our country.

He is the main topic of celebrity roasts and, even worse, he can't even answer questions about real issues that a president needs to know!

2. He is a bigot. Plain and simple.

Did you know he is against nationwide gay marriage? Marriage equality is something we have just gained and fought to achieve for so many years!

3. He is sexist.

Should our president be quote tweeting statements such as these? And that's not all...check out this video.

Will this man really make America great again?

4. He does things way too impulsively.

His bankruptcies were caused by impulsive actions that lead to bad investments. America cannot afford to have someone as president who decides his actions on impulse. We need a president who can compromise and calculate what is good for the country.

5. He makes himself seem extremely racist.

He wants to give Europeans access to America and allow them to go for citizenship, but is against doing that for Latinos. Our country has fought long and hard for racial equality. With Trump as president we will be setting ourselves back hundreds of years.

6. He's very uniformed.

We'll just let the picture do the talking for this one.

7. He's not exactly qualified.

Yeah he studied business, but what about science and mathematics? How will we achieve scientific advancements?

8. He promotes violence.

Promising to pay the legal fees of those who commit violent acts doesn't sound so presidential to me.

9. He's not the great business man he appears to be.

His father helped him out to start his business with a "small loan" of a million dollars and he's filed for bankruptcy multiple times.

10. He's too cocky.

A man who can't allow for someone to argue against his opinion without throwing a tantrum should not be the leader of a country.

11. He's unaware of other people's circumstances.

He wants to get rid of welfare and education funds. That may be easy to say when you can afford to live without those things, but as a president you should be thinking of every citizen in the nation!

Make America great again...or make America Hate again?

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