I am going to talk about something real, something that all of us do and something some of us do too much. That would be crying because I am about to do it because there are just too many things floating around in my head to think about writing about them. But why not sometimes it makes us feel better, and sometimes it makes us feel worse. We do it at sad movies, we do it when our hearts get broken, heck a lot of us do it when we're just so angry we cry.

Honestly, it is a very important thing. Some consider it as a sign of weakness which is a possibility, but I believe it can be a sign of strength as well, just sometimes you can't take it anymore and you have to break down and cry.... or yah know your eyes were really dry or it's the dust or something. It is actually known as a natural way to reduce emotional stress. We all know we have that and if you don't you must have your stuff together, props to you! If you don't cry out your emotions you could die, Nah I'm just kidding that is not a known fact I mean yes that could happen, but it is well known that if you hold in those emotions you can become unhealthy.

There are probably more stress-related disorders than I could even name, which is common sense, if you don't let out your emotions in some way and let them bottle up, you will most likely explode one day. So grab a bottle of wine and you freaking whine like the crybaby you are.. and who cares freaking cry if you wanna cry. We are only human, plus God wouldn't have made it a thing if we weren't supposed to do it. I don't know if you knew but crying can actually lower our blood pressure, you are also releasing toxins when you cry. In other words, tears help you eliminate chemicals that build up during emotional stress which can wreak havoc on the body. Guess I know what I am doing for the rest of my life, getting those toxins out... excuses I know. This may be totally stupid an article about tears and crying but honestly why not, not everyone has family or anyone to spend the holidays with. So don't be ashamed if you spend it crying because it's not that bad.

Be thankful for all that you do have, and cry your sadness away. It is what makes us human... literally out of all the mammals human are the only ones that can shed tears in response to emotional stress. it is us acknowledging our feelings and reacting to them hopefully so we. become motivated to do something about these feelings. So next time you are about to have a mental breakdown take the time go in your car or wherever and freaking cry. Next time you are sitting down with your partner don't be afraid to cry. I should be encouraging you not to cry because life could be worse...but not today, I am saying cry if you wanna cry!!!